How to add/remove account authorities using Steem Keychain | A good time to review them

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themarkymark recently posted about an account, called steemengineteam which has nothing to do with @aggroed's Steem Engine, that has posting authority for thousands of users. I was going to post about reviewing your account authorities at some point, but this made the need for this post to be quickly written.

The quick way to review your active/posting authorities is to go to (where @contrabourdon is your username) and scroll down to the Authorities section, at the bottom left.

If there are any apps that you do not recognise, now would be a time to remove the authority for them. An app that has access to posting authority will be able to post, claim rewards and vote on your behalf. Accounts which have active authority will be able to make transfers and powerup/powerdown (a lot more at stake!).

To make this process simple, I have hosted the example Steem Keychain page here:

Scroll down to "Remove Account Authority" and enter your username in the first box and the authorising account in the other box. Select Posting or Active and click Send. Steem Keychain will pop up to confirm the transaction. This webpage does not ask for any credentials.

Nice and simple :)
You can also play around with the other actions on this page as you please. If you like my work, please consider using one of your witness votes on @untersatz.

Yours truly,

I'm co-owner of witness untersatz with organduo!

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That's a very useful post, @contrabourdon.

Thank you!

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It's the team behind the STEEM engine curation train, and they have posting authority because they run/ran a vote exchange on their website.. They don't want to be steem-engine and it's obviuos once you discover who they are - that they are different from steem-engine..

But somebody posted about how their website was down and thought the @steemengineteam hacked steem-engine lol - but I replied to them thinking they were mistaking for the steem-engine exchange - and I knew of the curation team long ago - it's so easy to misunderstand when someone else has a confusing context too!

Ah ok! Thanks for sharing. In any case, it’s always good to review these once in a while. I removed one today.

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..yess..that’s what I was looking for, thx..up.. follow you..

I wonder how come this steemenginetram account has gathered posting authorities for thousands of users? Any ideas?

Good questions, @organduo.

No idea. But better to be safe than sorry.

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