Steemify v1.5 released - Get it in the AppStore now!

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Steemify 1.5 Release

The new Steemify update is here!

Steemify is the best iOS app to get notified about anything regarding your account or the accounts of others.

Steemify screenshots

Get it in the appstore NOW !

Agreed, It's taken a while but with the amount of new features and improvements, we didn't want to release this without testing it extensively!

We wanted this update to be rocksolid on the one hand and packed with useful updates on the other.

All the while co-developing the Android version which is almost ready for beta!

One of the new feature we build is a security feature.

Push notifications straight to your phone on any account changes, including key changes!

Steemify push notification

We hope each and every one of you will enjoy this release as much as we do.

Read on for a comprehensive list of added features and improvements.

New Features, Changes and Improvements



You now have the option to choose which frontend to use when following up on a notification.

Front-end options:

  • Front-end:
  • Open in in-app or external browser



We've added a direct link to the iOS Preferences

Set options for:

  • Notifications (push, badge, sounds)
  • Search & Siri suggestions
  • Use of cellular data



You'll now be able to receive notifications for resteems.

Notifications types:

  • Got Resteemed
  • Has Resteemed


Account changes

This will notify you if anything regarding your account has been changed

Notifications types:

  • Has updated account (keys, profile, app authorizations)
  • Has approved witness
  • Has unaproved witness
  • Got set as witness proxy
  • Has set witness proxy



Keep tabs on your witness in regards to voting and more important, if you're missing blocks or have an outdated pricefeed.

Notifications types:

  • Got approved as witness
  • Got unapproved as witness
  • Has updated witness
  • Has missed block
  • Has outdated pricefeed (last updated more than 6h ago)

Note: The Witness options are only visible when setting notification options for actual witness accounts


Bugfixes & Changes

The following bugs and issues have been fixed.

  • not clearing notifications in NotificationCenter.
  • action for push notification now directly goes to that specific item, in stead of the notifications list.
  • app icons and launchscreen to new design by @eqko.
  • complete overhaul of network stack.


Server Changes

We have made some significant changes to the Steemify Server which handles all notifications.

  • possible delayed powerup/powerdown notifications.
  • no sound when receiving push notifications.
  • support for push notifications via Google’s Firebase Cloud Messaging platform to support Steemify Android and provide fallback in case of APNs unavailable.
  • support for new notification topics.
  • implemented many performance improvements.

Demonstration video

@blockbrothers member @exyle has made a Steemify iOS demonstration video to show what the app can do!

Get it in the appstore NOW !

If you support us please vote here for @blockbrothers
you can also choose to set blockbrothers as your proxy at the bottom of the page (fill in blockbrothers in the field)
or use either of the below links to do so automatically using steemconnect.

Vote for @blockbrothers via SteemConnect
Set blockbrothers as your proxy via SteemConnect

Makers of Steemify. The dedicated notification app for anything happening on the Steem blockchain.

Android coming soon.

Get our tools:

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Get in touch: |

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Good app.
I love it on my iPhone X.
It keeps me up to date toward my fellow steemians.
Keep on postin'


Great to hear. And it should. And we will.

Downright superb updates, guys.


Thanks man. We’ve worked hard to make this a worthy 1.5 update.

Congrats Guys @exyle @bennierex @eqko and @s3rg3 steemit can be thankfull for All the work



Nice job. This is a big step improvement over the last version.


Thank you. We sure made every effort to make that step as big as possible.

I love this app! Just updated mine today! Thank you guys for this amazing app. It comes in handy when you're a busy person like I. xo

Wooow you guys! What an amazing job! This app is so useful. I am glad I get to use it. These projects help the community to grow. Do you mind if I make a video about it to promote your work and you as a witness? Keep up the good work! :)


Hi @chrismartinez, glad you like the App! Would be awesome if you’d promote us. The more support we get, the more resources we can commit to development.


Thank you @bennierex. I really appreciate it. I hope it helps you guys. The app is truly amazing.

Looks very pretty! Nice work guys.

wow I had no idea there was an app like that, thanks for the information it's very interesting, I'll try it.

This is such a great app, and special thank you for all the improvements guys. I like you all and vote you as witness...congratulations....

You guys just keep banging like rockstars. This is why I believe that I should vote for you guys and everyone else as a witness... O wait I already have!! Bigups fellaz!!

Good job @blockbrothers, I loved the presentation, THANKS for sharing!

Neat! Tipuvote!


Neat. Appreciated :)

Have used for month,very good App,easy to use, thank you!


You're welcome. Great to hear you've been using it for so long already !

I've been waiting for this announcement! Thank you to the developers! Glad to see this is up and functioning in the appstore.

Congrats! 🎉👊😎

May i ask you about an Android Version ?

This post has received a 24.69 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @blockbrothers.

Very dissapointed as this app has not been released for Android. I do see a bit of text at the bottom of this post saying Android coming soon... I hate when developers do this and don't release a version for everyone. Would have given you an upvote but since I can't test this great app why bother... Can you please confirm a release date for Android version here please


We could also not mention that the Android version is coming. Not sure how that would be the better choice 🤷🏼‍♂️

Confirming a release date is harder as it hangs on multiple factors. But it will be soon. Don’t worry.


Awesome, please don't see my comment as a negative but you are simply limiting your audience. Will look forward for release date thanks

It is a good project, I congratulate you it was very good, success, THANK YOU for sharing!

This is a nice Design

I always stop by here my friend, for your publications to learn from you and the way you do the post ... Thanks for such a good contribution, from #venezuela support your work my friend ... greetings <3

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I'll check this one out... I was using vapor on my iPhone when at work and I wasn't too happy with it.

Cool, waiting for the android version.. You guys really did well @blockbrothers

Excellent nice post congratulations good job friends

Congratulations Guys @exyle @bennierex @eqko and @s3rg3


Congratulations @blockbrothers!
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Many congratulations..:-) Following you to stay tuned for more..:-)

Really very helpful post u have shared.i didn't know about this its look like that at anywhere this app will be help to work easily and the busy time also...
many many thanks bro for sharing this type of app..good job

Nice work guys!! Looks great 🎉
Here is a gold star metal🏅


You're welcome! How long till Steemify Android is out..... 😉 (tap, tap, tap, tap..... hahaha)

Good to have mobile apps related to Steemit!! Unfortunately, I don't use Apple iPhone.


No worries. The Android version is on it's way.

Hey, nice post & Congratulation for getting my vote as witnesses.. Keep it up with the good work and making steemit a better place.

we always appreciate this type of invention and we also know that its the best app for steemit user and will reduce the problems. we also know that it a milestone for all Iphone user...everybody pls support to stay with us.. we will be.. give tnx for this type of initiative...

I upvote and follow you please return back

Wow!!! The blockchain keeps getting better everyday!

Its amazig there iss too much information and very informatives to other new commers and for this platform i easily understad that things disscussed in above...... Thanks u so much for guiding us

Great work. I hope having an app and notifications will help me take the Steemit project more seriously, and be more consistent. Cheers! 🎉