Steemify - Almost going live!

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Steemify - Almost live!!

We asked for beta testers just a week ago and wow, what a response we received! The registrations came in from day one. And with the registrations there were only a small number of reports about bugs. Our developer @bennierex immediately started fixing these bugs and quickly made progress! That is why we can already make a new announcement!

Steemify goes live!

The aforementioned developments made us decide to speed up the submission of the Steemify app in the Apple App Store.

We hope to be able to submit the final version asap. Then we have to wait until Apple makes Steemify available in the Apple App Store.

What is Steemify?


To use Steemify you don't need to give up any of your private or active posting keys. Your Steemit username alone is enough!


Although we don’t know all the usernames of our beta testers, we would like to thank the ones we know and have contributed to our beta testing period:



You're welcome! Great app and looking forward to seeing you grow in the future :)

Thank you. So are we 😊

it was my pleasure, I think this app is great, I have been checking it regularly since I got it

Lets hope apple approves it quickly

Glad you like it. Be sure to let us know about bugs or improvements.

It’s a real plaisure to use your app ! Good job guys !

Thank you. We can’t live without it anymore.

It really is a handy mobile tool. Glad to be able to be among the first to try it.

Well how awesome is this... I was notified I was mentioned in This post by Steemifications! So meta ;)

Really enjoying the app guys!

So cool 😎

That’s awesome right. You didn’t know what you were missing till you did !

Thanks for the awesome app! Honored to be a guinea pig for this one

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Make an android one!

I hope we can find the time to make that happen. For now, I'm sorry :(

I've made an Android notification app. Check my wall.

We’ll do our utmost best to make this reality !

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Good job this will help allot in the future :)
You guys are my new witness!

Thanks. We appreciated it very much !

This deserves so much more attention! Great work guys!

Thank you so much !