Blockbrothers is looking for Steemify V1.5 iOS BETA testers!!

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The new version of Steemify iOS is available for testing.

@blockbrothers is looking for Steemians to help us test this new version of our app.

If you have helped us in the past you don't have to re-apply.

This new version will appear in your TestFlight automatically.

Anyone else interested in testing the new version can apply by sending a mail to and we will add you to the beta program.

Thank you for helping us out!

What is Steemify?

Steemify is a notification app for the Steem Blockchain that will notify you about anything regarding your account or the accounts of others.

This app does not require you to share your keys.

Demonstration video:

@blockbrothers have made a Steemify iOS demonstration video to show what the app can do!

If you support us please vote here for @blockbrothers
you can also choose to set blockbrothers as your proxy at the bottom of the page (fill in blockbrothers in the field)
or use either of the below links to do so automatically using steemconnect.

Vote for @blockbrothers via SteemConnect
Set blockbrothers as your proxy via SteemConnect

Makers of Steemify. The dedicated notification app for anything happening on the Steem blockchain.

Android coming soon.

Get our tools:

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Get in touch: |

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I am in to help out!! I have been using it for a few months and have loved it!


Have you been part of the Beta before? If not pleas apply at Thanks for helping out!


Received the email and have installed the beta app! Time to test this puppy out!


Awesome! Please let us know if you experience issues and/or have suggestions for improvements.


I’ve helped you before but



Awesome! The Steemify (beta) is under review by Apple at the moment and it should hopefully appear in Test Flight soon.


It should be live now. We just got a confirmation from Apple.

nice post @blockbrothers is nice coming across your post on here it seems good and also good article

hey great job with this video man! :) perfect! :)


thanks :)

Great , when it will be available to Android plz