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RE: Introducing Steemhunt: Daily ranking of effortlessly cool products fueled by STEEM blockchain

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Hi guys!

This looks incredible! Well done!
I've tested it out on something interesting that I found (it doesn't have a dedicated website because it exists soley on the Steem blockchain) and noticed that the beneficiaries are 90% the maker and 10% Steemhunt.

My question is... as the hunter, do I not get anything for my post?


Hi @aussieninja,

Thanks for your test! For the beneficiaries, 90% goes to hunters and makers, and 10% to Steemhunt. When you posting, you can allocate the 90% of the reward pool with makers. If you allocate 40% to makers, than you (hunter) will get 50%, makers get 40%, and Steemhunt get 10%. If you don't allocate any makers, then you (hunter) will get 90% and Steemhunt get 10%.

Hi @project7! Thanks so much for the quick response!
I thought that might be the case, I saw some of the tests @heap had done and that seemed like the way it was going to work. I guess most users would just add the maker as a 20% beneficiary of their post.
This is an amazing concept! I love the work that you guys have done and the look and feel is amazing! Well done!

Hey @project7, could I ask another question?

Thanks for the upvote, by the way... I just wanted to clarify, when you say that you'll both vote the top 10 product posts of the day, does that mean the top 10 posts with the highest votes already, or your favourite 10 of the day?

I'm not trying to game the system at all... just trying to work our my own processes, timings, etc.

Hi! it meant that we will upvote the top 10 posts with the highest votes already when the daily competition has finished. It's not my favourite 10 of the day. This is just to promote more early-hunters to join in Steemhunt. Once Steemhunt achieves the first milestone, this 'top 10 upvoting by us' may be closed.

Thanks a lot :)

Thanks heaps for that dude!
I thought that was the case, but just wanted to check! It's a good incentive to get people started... hopefully a curation trail will get started to motivate people to hunt...

Thank you so much for being so responsive! It really means a lot to me.

Yes, it may not be a fancy amount of incentive because they come from our pocket money investment. Steemhunt began just from our small project between me and @tabris. But, we will keep working on to make it grower. It means a lot for us to have you, the early contributors. Thanks a million :)

Hey @project7.... please let me know if I'm being annoying. I love that Steemhunt publishes a Steem post... but I have to say that the sentence at the bottom of someone's Steemhunt post doesn't make a lot of sense to me:

"Posted on Steemhunt, Dig Products, Earn STEEMs"

Maybe a full stop/period after 'Steemhunt' would make more sense? Also, maybe take the 's' away from STEEMs... I believe STEEM is plural. Sorry, small things I know...

Oh not at all!!! You are helping us a lot. Thanks so much for your huge support :)

Yes, you are totally right... (We are not a native English speaker lol).

I've changed like this -

This is posted on Steemhunt - A place where you can dig products and earn STEEM.

Thanks again for your help and please please let us know anything you think!

Also, if you join our Telegram chat, I can reach you quickly :)

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