Steemit More Info on iPad! - Sneak Peek

in steemdev •  2 years ago  (edited)

I have been working on porting my Chrome and Firefox extension ( on iOS.

On iPad it looks amazing!!

There is still a lot of work to do to make it fully functional! But it's getting there 😸

Here a small sneak peek where you can see it in action! Hope you like it!

(Android is coming after iOS, of course!)

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Amazing work, you are best developers @armandocat

He certainly is amazing

Wow, this looks like a big step. Will do a test to this!

Nice! I love that the votes are so detailed!
Can't wait for android version!

This is impressive looking work. Are you using WKWebView? Extension support for iOS seems basically non existent. Also are you using React Native?

Yes I'm using WKWebView and injected my extension's code in it.. in planning to release the app when it's fully working. No react, just jQuery and some other libraries.
Have a look at my extension.. the code is open source

That looks really promising. Sadly the plugin has been a bit buggy for me. In Firefox it just disappeared again. And in Chrome there are some weird side effects for example a blurry UI when you zoom into the page at 110% or more. Also the Votes tab doesn't load properly for me.

However, this is an amazing tool. I hope you will continue the work on the Firefox addon. It is annoying using the spytool from Google. ;)

Sorry to hear that!
For firefox, you have to install it again every time you restart firefox.. Next version will be on the firefox addons website so you will be able to install it the official way and the issue should be resolved!

Can you please send me screenshots of the problems you see in Chrome about the blurry ui and the votes tab not working?


  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hey @armandocat, you are fast! I installed the new 1.1 version in both Firefox and Chrome and all seems to work. The blurry screen however ist still an issue in Chrome. Not sure if this will be visible on the screenshots. I didn't reduce the size so look at them in original size.


hey nice work man! :)