Steem Sincerity Lab Improvements

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I've added the ability to highlight certain interesting data points in the scatter graphs.

Now you can do things like see where you sit in the data distributions (the red points):

Or see who of the people you follow have a high spam score. You may then re-evaluate who you follow, or let us know problems with the classification algorithm:

See of the active followers you have, who are the most engaged with Steem:

To use this tool, please visit:

To get started quickly you can try the 10000 token demo account.
username: demo
password: demo


Nice seeing developers around with ideas and apps that help growing the community and platform here on the steemit. I am still looking for an idea to implement on steemit, but still don't know in which direction to move on. If you have any hint in this regard or just advise on something useful about the platform would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and keep up the good work!

That's tricky to answer. Knowing which ideas will work and be rewarded by the community is quite difficult for me. I'd suggest starting with a smaller project so if an idea doesn't prove as popular as you hope, you haven't wasted a huge amount of time on it. Sorry if that's not much help!

Thanks for the advise, I will look to keep it simple!

Good job @andybets. This tool will help steemian to follow good accounts. I hope it will push steemian to produce great posts and avoid spams 👍🏾

I hope so too. Even though the metric is far from perfect, if people start aspiring towards increasing their 'human' scores, I think it might have an overall positive effect on the platform.

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