Testnet update

in steemdev •  2 years ago

Quick Testnet update:

  • I've updated the steemd nodes to run v19.1
  • The condenser instance now runs latest master (572f6e)
  • Rolled the blockchain back

I've also updated the dsteem tests to take some minor changes from 0.19 to 0.19.1 into account.

Hägnan Luleå

Steem on!

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nice post i liked this post and thanks for the submit this post well done!!

Thanks for running the testnet by yourself It's sad that there is only one node. I cannot really afford to run one.

Hey, umm.. when using your node, I am unable to get any data from the following call:
get_account_history('steemfiles', index_from=1, limit=0)

The exceptions received are:

INFO:steembase.http_client:non 200 response:504
INFO:steembase.http_client:failed to load response

If you are running condenser, I guess your intention is to support all of the APIs. Could you go and take a look please?