lineman – WebSocket replacement

in steemdev •  last year

If you where running an app that depended on the now defunct WebSocket RPC you can run a copy of lineman. It will proxy the new HTTP RPC to WebSockets for you.

Running in a docker container it is as simple as: docker run -p 8080:8080 -it jnordberg/lineman

And now you have a replacement running on ws://<docker-host>:8080 where you can point your app.


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There are also other nodes that you can point your app to that still use websockets, including 'wss://' and wss://'


oh man I completely forgot about gtg's wss service



Hey Johan, great to have you here on Steemit.

I have been a heavy user of Wintersmith and enjoyed using it. Just want to send you a thank you message:

Thanks for all your great work.


Thanks! Always great to hear that someone appreciates my work! Cheers

that's what i like about you. you always come with little custom solutions. i think you really TANK from the matrix ;)

I ran into this problem today, thanks for sharing :)

Hardworking job sir


Sir. Hard Job, work!




Amazing Idea

Okay, nice, but why wouldn't you just modify your code to keep up and using json instead? :)


Modifying your code is likely the best option if you have the resources and time to do so, but this solution sounds like its both faster and easier. Perhaps it'd be best to use this option as a quick fix and in the meantime update your code?

Hey, great insight, thanks for the lines