dsteem vs. steem-js — Round 1

in steemdev •  last year

@good-karma suggested that I should setup a performance test of dsteem and compare it to the official steem-js library and I was happy to oblige. The results really surprised me however, I expected dsteem to maybe be a little bit faster but the results show that dsteem is ~90 times faster than steem-js!


I setup the test to cover the most common and compute intensive operation I could think of (deserializing a private key and using that to sign a transaction). You can check how it's setup and run it for yourself here: https://jsperf.com/dsteem-vs-steem-js/1

Update: In node.js dsteem pulls ahead with another order of magnitude, more than 1000 times faster! Probably because many of the crypto functions I'm using have native bindings when running in node.

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 12.30.16.png

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Surprisingly big difference than I expected! :) looking forward to round 2...


You and me both :)

great contribution!
i wish we could update the steem js library asap with your solution or simply update with your contribution so the whole ecosystem can benefit this great improvement

Wow, that's awesome. I'm curious about read operations - have you benchmarked any of those? get_state etc?


Thanks! No, I haven't. I think the differences should be negligible unless steem-js is doing something really weird :)


That was my thought as well - but this is still a great boost in performance for transactions that require signing. Are you using anything non-standard? Is this most likely a difference in use of different libraries?


I haven't profiled it but my guess is that a large part of the performance improvement is coming from the node-secp256k1 package. The browserify crypto implementations are really good as well.

8.92 vs 813
I was looking for a missing dot.
Great work!


Haha I did as well when running it for the first time, had to double check that my lib wasn't running in neutral :D

good job!


Thanks man!

Wow, that is a BIG difference, good job!


Thanks! :)

Awesome job! How far into development is dsteem currently?


Thanks! I hate giving estimates but 70% maybe? :)


Ah, fair enough, as soon as I finish my final exams I shall give it a go, looks awesome though

Wow impressive results, great work!


Well, Damn! :O

Looking forward to fiddling with dsteem

Very nice!

Upvoted & Resteemed!

Thanks for the tip!!

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