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in steemdev •  last year

I felt the official steem JavaScript library could use some friendly competition ;) So today I'm happy to introduce dsteem — a client library written in TypeScript that I've been working on as I'm learning the more about the steemd API's.

Currently the library does only reading of the blockchain but I'm working on implementing transaction signing and helpers for the broadcast API as well.

It has 94% test coverage at the time of writing and is automatically tested against my public steem testnet.




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The joy of intellisense!


☀️heroin for programmers

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This looks pretty cool. I'm looking forward to trying it out for some projects of my own. I might even submit a PR or two. ;)


Awesome! PR's are always welcome :)

Hay @almost-digital,

welcome in the club of "api-wrapper-provider" :) Keep up the great work and feel free to ask if you have some troubles. I remember that the transaction signing took me days until it was working for the first time :D

Best regards,



Thanks man! I'll try to remember that when I'm banging my head against the wall trying to get the correct signatures :)

boy is a beast! :)

pretty darn cool, you're really just busting all out there with the steem tools, aren't you! love your website, and welcome to the Whaleshares Discord Chat also! :)


Cheers buddy

Thank you.

You have no idea how useful this is. Finally, time to abandon my hacked version of piston-lib, and steemjs for Javascript both of which don't seem to accept pull requests anymore.


🙏 Yeah piston seems dead (in favour of steam-python maybe? the codebases are very similar, not sure which came first though) Looking forward to some PRs! :)

Congrats :) you really did amazing job , respect for that ,thanks :)


:) Cheers

Dsteem? i thought just resteem :D

Upvoted and followed you. Great job :)

Does it already support everything that steem.js does?

My favorite typescript