dsteem 0.4 + SelfSteem update

in steemdev •  11 months ago

dsteem is coming along nicely, just pushed version 0.4.1 to npm. Here are the highlights:

  • Account creation helpers
  • Transaction helpers
  • Better protocol serialization
  • 100% test coverage!

>> Full change-log

I've also updated SelfSteem to use dsteem instead of steem-js and added support for youtube video embeds. It also sports French localizations now thanks to @oroger!


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Thanks for the hard work !


Thanks for the patch! :)

Great work.. It will improved every update. And for the benefits of Steemit Community platform. Nice work dev @almost-digital



Nice post. Very informative and useful for Steemit platform . Good work and content. Will continue to follow your post. Good job.



thanks for the info