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RE: Adapting the Google PageRank Algorithm for Steem Content Discovery

in #steemdev6 years ago

Google's page rank algorithm also went one step further and added weights if the page which had the back links (and hence the ranking) was itself back linked by some other page.

ex. consider a page P0 which is backlinked by P1. Let us say that P1 has around 20 backlinks inside of it. If P1 is backlinked by P2 then P0 would get additional weight to the tune of 1/20.

In our case, since a user cannot be resteemed and only posts can, is it worth doing the following:

  1. figure out if the resteemer's blog is referred to in any post (@xxx). in this case, we can do what was done by Google within the a 7 day window
  2. if account U1 makes a post and U2 resteems that post, find out how many of U2's followers resteemed U1's post. correct the weight based on that metric
  3. of course combine 1&2 with comments made, upvotes on those comments and replies to those comments!
  4. what about external readers of resteemed articles. does that not carry weight as well?

Thanks for the input. I'm actually currently using the Google pagerank algorithm on accounts and then getting the appropriate resteemed post (this part needs work though). I'll be refinining this along similar lines to what you're proposing soon though.

Since readers leave no trace on the blockchain, there's no information that we can use for that.

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