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I can actually browse my feed now!

With a few more controls added to the form, and a bit of work under the hood, I have managed to wrangle the raw JSON response into a human readable feed! It suits my most basic feed-browsing needs; I can see the posts listed in chronological order with their authors, titles (so yes someone is reading titles @enforcer48 :p ), and the permlink which I use to access the post's content. I plan to move the permlink/author action behind the scenes at some point, but it works fine for now.


While it's, let's say less than flashy, it certainly functions. Unless I make major headway into transaction signing soon I'll probably be making some improvements to the output too anyway. As you can see, assuming anyone looks, I've added a "Fetch post" button and some text boxes for it. Manually filling in the (valid) author and permlink of a post summons it to the same box as the feed à la...


Congratulations @gavvet for being at the top of my feed when I decided to take screenshots! For now no HTML support in the output, only plaintext, but that's one of those improvements I'll make while I try to figure out signing. If you, my assumed to be present reader, have done any development for Steem and know about transaction signing I desperately plead for you to graciously comment.


As always thank you, the reader who is hopefully there. If you like this type of content, you're in luck! I plan to make this into a series, using the time it takes my RC to regenerate to work on my frontend and blogging sequential updates. If you don't, I'm still going to keep doing it for fun and as an intellectual exercise. I'm also adding to my portfolio I suppose, but no actual code yet. I can't lose it either, like I have with the entire rest of my portfolio, if it's on the blockchain.

Special thanks to @themarkymark again for your public node. I hope you personally get my genuine thanks. I (naively?) assume you don't filter content going through it.

Thanks to @gavvet @bobby.madagascar @ramzan786 @dolphincouncil @underground and @comicbookgoatboy for creating the content that populates my feed in the screenshots.

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There are no filters on my node



titles (so yes someone is reading titles @enforcer48 :p )

Well, that's at least one person.