SteemDecathlon S02WE1E02 Baby Needs a new pair of Shoes! - Theme - 'NFL Week 01 Picks' - hope springs eternal. - Entry

in steemdecathlon •  2 months ago

My entry for the Steem Decathlon 'NFL Week 01 Picks'

Q1 b2 Baltimore Ravens
Q2 b6 Minnesota Vikings
Q3 b8 New Orleans Saints
Q4 a9 Jacksonville Jaguars
Q5 b14 Green Bay Packers

I'm not allowed to do the Trivia.....

In addition to Airdrops I blog about, I publish information on faucets

signup pages:
Quick launch list:

Want to help out contact me on the discord channel

#contest #news #NFL #picks #trivia #money #steemdecathlon #steem #spd #giveaway #football

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i hope to do better this time


We will see,,,

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Good story 👍👍👍