[RESULTS] SteemDecathlon S02D2E01 "In the Weeds" - Theme - 'Labor of Love" - Food Photo Recipe Contest

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The judge has reviewed and scored all entries for the:
SteemDecathlon S02D2E03 "In the Weeds" - Theme - 'Labor of Love" - Food Photo Recipe Contest"
and determined the WINNERS:


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1st: richatvns Pomlet - good back story, good pics, nutrition info and healthy, could use more description of techniques.
2nd: lavanyalakshman Moong dal vermicelli upmma - good picks and description, forgot the nutrition info for the vermicelli and no write up on what inspired you and spelling mistakes
3rd: hasbydiaz Ceasar Salad - NO nutrition information.. not healthy got third because only 3 entries)

Want to help out contact me on the discord channel

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