[RESULTS] D17E03 "Baby Needs a new pair of Shoes!" - Theme - 'MLB Picks and Trivia" - Who did it?

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Here is the findings by the graded answers for:
D17E03 "Baby Needs a new pair of Shoes!" - Theme - 'MLB Picks and Trivia" - Who did it?

Grading continues to be slow... it's tough to do from a hospital bed, but I should be out in a couple of days
and the new site and grading bot should be finished off soon.

Correct Picks (total points 5)

MLB Games to pick from on Sat 2018/5/26
a1 Los Angeles Angels
b2 Oakland Athletics
b3 Boston Red Sox
b4 Tampa Bay Rays
a5 Chicago White Sox
a6 Cincinnati Reds
b7 Cleveland Indians
b8 Texas Rangers
b9 Seattle Mariners
b10 Milwaukee Brewers
a11 San Diego Padres
a12 San Francisco Giants
a13 St. Louis Cardinals
b14 Philadelphia Phillies
a15 Washington Nationals

Trivia Question responses (total points 8)
Q6) b
Q7) c
Q8) d
Q9) e
Q10) d
Q11) d
Q12) a
Q13) c


Everyone receives 1 participation point
Contest points are based on your answers.

1st: hasbydiaz 13 points (posted first) - 5 picks 8 trivia
2nd: cyrus33 13 points - 4 picks 7 trivia
3rd: lavanyalakshman 11 points - 3 picks 8 trivia
Honorable Mention:
ashwine 10 points - 3 picks 7 trivia
barath15 10 points - 2 picks 8 trivia
dernierdiaz 10 points - 2 picks 8 trivia
richatvns 4 points - 4 picks
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get well soon.. I'm exited to get into the next context


thank you got home today


I'm glad to hear your feeling better