D19E03 "Baby Needs a new pair of Shoes!" - Theme - 'MLB Picks and Trivia" - Last New Pair of 1st Decathlon

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Welcome to Day 19 of the 1ST SteemIt Decathlon! Contest: Baby Needs a new pair of Shoes

So its our final baseball pick / trivivia contest of our last week of the first season of the the Steem Decathlon.
Next week starts Season #2, And great new features are coming

But right now you need to focus on getting those points for the pverall boards!

OF COURSE we are obviously focusing on MLB, but I need to open it up to some other games.

IF YOUR A FOOTIE, CRICKET, GOLF, TENNIS OR RUGBY FAN contact me if you would like to help setting up and running the contests for them.


If you have not participated in The SteemIt Decathlon check out and upvote the following Blog posts:
What it's about.


  1. Every participant must complete all the tasks in this list for their entry to be valid.
  2. If you violate any of the instructions in this list your entry will not be valid.
  3. You can only have 1 entry.
  4. If you won a prize in the last time you played in the Steem Decathlon you are required to power up AT LEAST 40% of the rewarded Steem. Please note you just are not required to keep repowering it up. You are doing this to build the community and build the Prize Pools. Considering all winners will be doing the same the Prize Pools will increase dramatically over time.
  5. Upvote and resteem this post, and follow me before you put your entry in, so we can get your friends invited, build the reward pool, and so you know when the next event winners are announced.
  6. You must make your entry prior to to all your picks start times.
  7. DO NOT POST YOUR ANSWERS TO THE TRIVIA HERE (automatic disqualification)
  8. Setup a Blog Post with the following Title:
    'D18E03 "Baby Needs a new pair of Shoes!" - Theme - 'MLB Picks and Trivia" - last week of 1st Decathlon- Entry'
  9. And set the first tag #steemdecathlon

MLB Games to pick from on Fri 2018/6/8

Visiting Team Home Team
a1Los Angeles Angels @ b1Minnesota Twins
a2Arizona Diamondbacks @ b2Colorado Rockies
a3Atlanta Braves @ b3Los Angeles Dodgers
a4Baltimore Orioles @ b4Toronto Blue Jays
a5Chicago White Sox @ b5Boston Red Sox
a6Cleveland Indians @ b6Detroit Tigers
a7Houston Astros @ b7Texas Rangers
a8Kansas City Royals @ b8Oakland Athletics
a9Milwaukee Brewers @ b9Philadelphia Phillies
a10New York Yankees @ b10New York Mets
a11Pittsburgh Pirates @ b11Chicago Cubs
a12San Diego Padres @ b12Miami Marlins
a13Seattle Mariners @ b13Tampa Bay Rays
a14San Francisco Giants @ b14Washington Nationals
a15St. Louis Cardinals @ b15Cincinnati Reds

Choose 5 game winners (Q1-Q5) use the code to represent them

For Example:
Q1) B1
Q2) a3
Q3) b7
Q4) a8
Q5) a11

Then answer the following 8 questions Q6-Q13
Q6. Was the only 300-game winner between the world wars.
a. Charles Radbour

b. Mickey Welch

c. Lefty Grove

d. Lefty Grove

e. Pud Galvin

Q7. Threw a no-hitter with no walks and 17 strikeouts.
a. Max Scherzer

b. Sandy Koufax

c. Jim Bunnig

d. Bob Feerll

e. Nolan Ryan

Q8. Scored the most World Series runs.
a. Babe Ruth

b. Yogi Berra

c. Mickey Mantle (42)

d. Joe Dimaggio

e. Derek Jeter

Q9. Was the first White Sox player to be MVP.
a. Shoeless Joe Jackson

b. Eddie Collins

c. Joe Borden

d. Nellie Fox (1959)

e. Albert Puljos

Q10. Won 25 or more games three times in the 1960s but never won a Cy Young award.
a. Seaver

b. Dysdale

c. Koufax

d. McLain

e. Marichal

Q11. Won the most ERA titles.
a. Walter Johnson

b. Cy Young

c. Christy Mathewson

d. Lefty Grove

e. Warren Spahn

Q12. Is the only catcher to win three batting titles.
a. Yogi Berra

b. Joe Mauer

c. Johnny Bench

d. Mike Piatza

e. Roy Campenela

Q13. Led his league in batting average his first two seasons.
a. Ted Williams

b. Joe Dimaggio

c. Tony Oliva

d. Tony Gwyen

e. Babe Ruth

10) Make sure to only place you answers on your blog post. After you make your blog post, reply to this post with a link to your post Every correct answer and pick gets a point, rain outs win 0 points. Each point will equate to a participation point, so answer the questions to appear on the leader boards.

11) I will announce the winners a few days after it is over in a post with the words [RESULT] infront of the title. The reward pool distribution will come out shortly after 7 days when the upvote rewards on this post are sent to me.

12) One new rule anyone getting less than 50% right in the Answers will get participation points and contest points for the overall leaderboard, but can not win a reward for that event. Monies will be used to promote future events.

13) The top 3 places will split the reward pool for this event 50, 30 , 20 (you can only win one reward per event). If 2 players tie then the first to have posted will be set to the top position.


14) Points will be distributed as outlined in the FAQ. The winners will be announced here and the leaderboard will be on Steeminati.com after the events close.

Want to help out contact me on the discord channel

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IF YOUR A FOOTIE, CRICKET, GOLF, TENNIS OR RUGBY FAN contact me if you would like to help setting up and running the contests for them.
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