SteemDecathlon S02F02E01 Friday Funday "Quickshot!" - Tools of Steem - MY RECOMMENDATION

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This is my recommendation fellow Steemians the Tools of Steem Contest:


Steem-Forever, the service where you’re content in steemit will always be winning

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One of the biggest problems of the block chain Steem is the payment window of 7 days. This rule limits that a post can only be voted during that period. Obviously many content creators especially those who feel that their content is valuable to be maintained for longer (such as post educational), cited this as an important detour with respect to Steem.

Full Description:

The team of steem-bounty brand developers managed and created an interface that allows people to receive payments for their publications forever. This service is the latest innovation in the block chain Steem that solves a great challenge and really makes the whole ecosystem more valuable. It's pretty simple, you can vote over any publication on at any time, and the rewards will go to the author. Of course, a vote within 7 days is just a regular vote. When you vote after that time, we create an activation comment for the publication, whose rewards will be shared with the original author.

You know of a good tool for Steem, Check out the Contest Here:



great tool!!!!!