SteemData February Update

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Just two months ago SteemData has been in disarray. Dozens of quick patches and thoughtless hacks have raked up their long overdue toll. Over the past month I've cleaned up the codebase and fixed many subtle bugs. I've also upgraded the underlying hardware and re-synced from scratch for consistency.

Screenshot from 2018-02-19 00-40-31.png

All health checks are passing ^

For what its worth, SteemData is now considered stable.


AppBase is one of the most exciting developments in steemd, and I'm very much looking forward to deploying a fresh cluster in production. This should benefit SteemData indexers and increase the throughput of the distributed task queue.


Hi @furion,
Tks for your good work!
I am trying to use SteemData Web Api to get mentions in a similar manner than in Steemit More Info (, I am getting a 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable error. Was this API discontinued or is it just down right now? Unless I just did something wrong =p

EDIT : Upvoting myself for visibility

The service has moved to

I have added a redirect-rule to restore backwards compatibility.

Great, thank you! I ll test that tomorrow. The mentions will be on SteemPlus soon then =)

@furion Thanks for the tool! How often is the MongoDB database updated? Currently, it seems that the most recent data is from Feb 28th (4 days ago).

Yeah, i've noticed the same. Have tried reaching out to @furion but to no avail as yet.

It seems that the indexer has stopped.

I have dropped him a message too.

steemd node takes a long time to spin one up.

hi @furion, is steemdata stop working ? I connected to mongo1, but for example, followers and following list are missing in Account collection. would you please take a look ? thanks

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Thank you for the info. I hardly use steemdata before. Never knew of the problems.
Because ot this, i am going to check this out.

Thank you for sharing.

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hi @furion
a quick question, is the username and password is still the same as written in SteemData ?
I tried in for the first time just now and it said Authentication failed

please ignore this comment, that was just a typo.
exploring mission is begin

Are you working on this all by yourself? :) You know what I told you...

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