Proposal: Dev Portal Documentation

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I will provide documentation intended for application and tool developers who work on the Steem blockchain.

One month from the start of the approved proposal, from 2019-09-01 until 2019-09-30. Total pay requested for timeframe: 3770 SBD

For the duration of the proposal work timeframe:

Periodic pull requests directed at the devportal github maintained by Steemit, Inc. to appear on once merged.
"API Definitions" section updates
"Recipes" section updates, which are programming-language-agnostic tutorials
Maintenance of existing documentation to ensure ongoing relevance.
Ongoing staged versions of the documentation to appear on, in cases where Steemit, Inc. is blocked (too busy) to merge the changes to the official devportal.
Updates using decline-payout-posts to detail ongoing deliverables in the timeframe.
Rational for Proposal Funding
Using the proposal system means I can decline-payout for related posts, be compensated by SPS Inflation, and thus avoid seeking compensation through Reward Pool Inflation for these deliverables.

In a sense, my ultimate goal is to turn this SPS Inflation into demand for STEEM Power by empowering application developers to expertly deploy Steem applications, leading to their continued desire to power up.

I was on the Steemit, Inc. payroll for 10 months. During that time, I learned the development philosophy and culture and I was part of a developer group called SteemWorks.

I am also accomplished at reverse-engineering, which is a requirement for doing heavy documentation on the Steem blockchain.

Previous Work
During my time at Steemit, Inc., I was part of the team that contributed to the following devportal updates:

Dev Portal Update: New Steem Developer Resources
Dev Portal Update #2: Ruby, JavaScript, AppBase API Calls, Testnet Documentation
DevPortal Update #3: UX Improvements, More Javascript Tutorials and More!
DevPortal Update 4: Javascript, Contribution Guidelines, Search
DevPortal Update 5: Jussi, SteemConnect, Improved Structure, and Recipes
Dev Portal Update: Tutorials, Recipes, and Tweaks, Oh My!
Steemworks Update: TestNet and DevPortal Improvements
Steemworks Update: Backfill, Twitch in Condenser, and Easy Account Creation on TestNet
Since then, I have provided several updates to the official devportal, which have all been merged by Steemit, Inc.:

Steemit Dev Portal: Document Transaction Polling API
Steemit Dev Portal: Document Transaction Polling Recipe
Steemit Dev Portal: Add Reputation API Definitions
Steemit Dev Portal: Document Plugin & API List
Documenting Reputation and Database API Definitions
Steem Documentation: Full Node Quickstart
Proposal Approval/Rejection Criteria
You should approve this proposal if you would like me to be compensated through SPS Inflation rather than the Reward Pool Inflation.

You should reject this proposal if you would prefer that I continue to seek compensation through Reward Pool Inflation and upvotes.

To approve, please find the link below. If you have already approved, but have subsequently changed your mind, there is also an option to remove your approval.

To reject, just ignore this proposal.

Proposal Record

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