Update on Steemcryptic

Hey all. Recently, https://steemcryptic.me, a tool that I manage has been receiving some abnormal amount of traffic. There have been sudden spikes in traffic and on looking at the logs in place, they do seem to be valid requests(Unless someone is emulating this entire process.) Today, I decided to move steemcryptic out of my existing cloud provider and host it on a larger server and also add some DDoS protection just to be on the safer side.

After successfully completing this process, I went on to get rid of the previous installation entirely. A few minutes later, I encountered an issue with my new server which resulted in steemcryptic going down for now. It might take some time for me to get this back online. So, I decided to inform you all about this in a short update.

I will make sure that the site is back up and running within the next 24hrs. So, please bear with me till then. I am really sorry for any inconvenience caused because of this.

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