Steem CryptoChallenge #3: An Exchange I Can Trust - OKEx

At the moment there are over 200 active crypto exchanges, each with its own peculiarity. Crypto traders and investors prefer some over the others, and that is due to their preference and the type of crypto transactions they intend to perform.

This Is the One for Me


Before getting on any exchange, it is advisable to do some research about it, and when you find the one that suits you, you may need to do even more research about that particular exchange. This is a personal choice and decision, however, I’ve every reason to choose OKEx as my best and favorite crypto exchange, and I’ll choose that crypto platform over and over again. Here’s why:

Easy Registration

Getting registered is easy and straightforward. All you need is your email, password, and a valid means of identification.

Full Trading

Crypto traders and investors can sell and buy crypto, as well as perform conversions of more than 30 fiat currencies into different crypto like BTC, ETH, USDT, etc. The exchange also offers various derivatives products such are options, perpetual swaps and Bitcoin futures which are among the most popularly traded instruments in the space.

OKEx often grabs the top spot in derivatives trading volumes, their liquidity is high which helps traders execute their transactions very fast.

Day Trading

One of the interesting things I discovered about the OKEx platform is that investors can perform their day trading via margin or spot crypto trading, digital tokens, and futures contracts.

Crypto Tools

This is another cool feature about the OKEx platform; it makes it easy for crypto investors and traders who are looking to bring some diversification to their crypto portfolio. There are different crypto tools for different activities like hedging, crypto management, crypto mining, wallet, etc. With the tools, you don’t need to shuffle between different sites for one purpose or another, because you can get most of what you want on the OKEx alone.


The OKEx academy provides you with educational materials that you can read in order to get more insight from industry experts on crypto-related data and analytics. This is good if you want to broaden your knowledge base about crypto markets.

· Demo Trading

OKEx also offers demo trading which helps beginners or advanced traders to practice trading skills or test their strategies without risks of losing real money.

Proven Track record

Since the inception of OKEx, the crypto exchange has not experienced any major incident, and that goes to say that the platform is as secure as can be, and your funds are in safe hands.

The aforementioned are just some of the cool features that make OKEx the best crypto exchange for me. It provides you with everything you need to grow from a beginner crypto trader and investor to an expert in the crypto community.

More Features?

OKEx has lots of amazing features, and writing them in words won’t do justice. They have all it takes for a rookie crypto investor to learn the ropes and become an expert. Also, the platform presents users with different tools, which invariably presents a plethora of options for the users. I don’t think there’re features that need to be added other than making more trading pairs available, and also keep updating the system’s security.


The safety features of the exchange seem to be quite secure. They have 2FA verification, mobile verification codes and even anti-phishing codes in the emails. Not only that but if there is a bug and anyone finds it there’s a bounty program so you can get rewarded for reporting the vulnerability.

On top of all of this, there are cold storage locations throughout the world that keep the assets for the company and for all of its users separated in different areas. There are also private keys offline for hot wallet exchange. There’s only a small amount of currency left in the hot wallet at any given time, which helps decrease the chances of the exchange suffering from any hacks. All of this has definitely led to a good rating for their overall security. They don’t seem to have had any major situations.

Also, the company has a large insurance fund to cover losses if there are social clawbacks in volatile conditions. But most importantly, they have a very advanced matching engine and deep liquidity which prevents these types of abrupt price swings and losses.

OKEx began operations in 2017, and I started using it sometimes in 2018. I can assure you that it has been an interesting and insightful experience since then because I haven’t cause to regret my decision to start trading on the platform.

I’ve been in the crypto community for a while, and I’m involved at different levels. Most times I just want to try out different crypto systems, and then I get hooked on to some. After trying OKEx, it has been an interesting experience for me, and I perform different types of crypto transactions on the platform, as well as manage my crypto portfolio with the available tools.

Different Earning Opportunities

There are different earning opportunities available on the OKEx, and one of them is the “Earn Program” that offers users the ability to earn interests on their unused digital assets. Furthermore, the platform integrates a system of financing with fiat currencies. Users can earn interests on their term deposits, staking and their savings account. In addition to the earning program, OKEx also performs fiat giveaways as a way to encourage users of the platform.


As I mentioned earlier, words cannot do justice to what OKExoffers users, and I usually encourage my friends and anyone that is interested to begin their crypto trades on OKEx- the reasons are obvious.

OKEx’s referral program is tested and trusted, and that is one of the reasons why I want my friends to be a part of it and enjoy what every other OKEx user is enjoying. Another reason why I would recommend OKEx to anyone that is interested in crypto trading and investment is the fact that the platform is both secure and trustworthy. The proven track record of the platform is an indicator that OKEx has the interests of its users at heart, especially these days when everyone is concerned about the safety and security of funds and private data.

OKEx has provided a platform that is perfect for crypto investors and traders, and it is very flexible. Furthermore, it gives users more control over their trading actions and provides solutions to help beginner traders meander their way around crypto trading, investment, and management. In addition to all of the amazing benefits, users can also earn interest on their investments. The inclusion of a derivatives trading option also makes the platform one of the most popular among crypto exchanges.

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Yes i agree Okex exchange growing very faster now. Lot of competitions going on every day there.

Here we having lot of trading features those are very useful for getting good returns. Here we get lot of alt combinations with volume.

They providing good security too,it is one of my favorite exchange but use very rarely.

Nice post from you.

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Thanks @lavanyalakshman. Appreciate it!

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