Mene Birthday Unboxing!!

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First, a friggin' huge thank you to my homedudes- @larrymorrison and @steemcafe for not only getting me this beautiful 24K white gold beauty, but also for taking care of me like a sister on my birthday. They took me to a wine tasting, out on the town, and lots of vegan goodies! Love you guys!

We're super grateful to @goldmatters and @par-ee for the love and support! So excited to see you guys in Toronto for the Steem Creators Conference and SMT Summit!!!

Head to www.steemcreators for details on the Toronto Steem Creators Conference. You can purchase tickets directly on the site or hit us up for paying with Steem.

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Aww happy birhtday my friend!!! Mene makes the perfect gift!! ♥️

Welcome to the club. 😎

Thank you luv!!

Happy birthday @ogc, you got awesome gift.. Have fun!!

So awesome! Happy Birthday! I’m glad you’re having a good one. =)

Thank you! It was!

Happy Birthday @ogc!!! Hope it was a fun one.
Hahaha! I heard that shout out @steemcafe!
Cheers to you all!

Thank you Scott!! It was an epic bday, especially thanks to these guys.

Great to hear!

Happy Birthday!

@ogc Happy Birthday Carly!!! That is a very nice gift. Enjoy!

Thank you @the-puppet-patch! We’re going To see you at the conference in Toronto, yeah? You’re so close!

@ogc sorry I cant get away from work unfortunately but I would have loved to be there. @steemcafe invited me but I cant make it. Thanks to you both for the invite. Hopefully I can make the next one.

YESSS!!!! I love this :) Just for the record that is actually a 24 karat platinum key(vs. white gold) :)...... I love this unboxing! I am so happy you love this Mene piece, @larrymorrison and @steemcafe must have a profound respect and admiration for you to gift you something so awesome. Thank you so much for posting this !!

Platinum?! That’s so great! Thank you @goldmatters

7.4 grams of it :)

Happiest of Birthdays @ogc #mypic 'til the wheels fall off. #greattimes #thisishowwedoit -resteemed-

Carly! Happy birthday! Hope it’s a blessed one. 😀🙌🏻⭐️🎉

Thank you Ken!! Now your newest little and I can have joint birthday parties!!


That a great gift, all gold :)

A gift by the best steem promoters is the best gift, Happy Birthday from me because you know @steemcafe who visited me home in Russia and Happy Birthday from my wife @steemitbaby because she is completely vegan just like you. ☺

I just had a birthday too! Happy Birthday, Carly!

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