Steem Creators' Conference kicks off!! 🎉

in steemcreators •  5 months ago

We have made it to Toronto! Kicking it off is the amazing @steemcafe!

It's been a whirlwind with so many great stories to share. We are meeting so many people! Stay tuned here and with @freedompoint and also with @crookedroadhome! ❤

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Wish I could have been there. This looks like so much fun, all the people you will meet and the exchange of ideas!


Yes! I'm hoping one day we will be at the same place and get to meet! It has been a wonderful experience so far.

Fantastic talk. Really enjoyed you guys sharing your story with us. great way to kick off the conference.

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Thank you! It was so great to meet you today!

Exciting times @freedomtowrite. What an adventure you are both on


An adventure is right! I can't believe we've actually made it here!