Selfies in the Steem Creators Conference

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I hate selfies. I would never buy a selfie stick. Apparently people love selfies, both being in them and looking at them. I guess it´s a trend that came to stay so you know what they say, adapt or die. So here I am taking a bunch of selfies with a bunch of Steemians who came to Toronto with one goal in mind: Meet Steemians and have the best time possible.

Well, achievement unlocked. We´ve only been here for one day and I already feel like I met this people months or years ago.

You see, that´s something that happen when you engage with other people on Steemit, when you are part of discord groups, when you comment on other posts and reply to people´s comments on yours.

When you meet in person it´s as if you were meeting an old friend, not a complete stranger who lives in the other side of the world.

Yesterday we went to a meet and greet and have a beer, then we went for a walk and found another bar.


We were so many that we had to wait outside until a big enough table got available.


Candid selfies. Taking the whole selfie business to the next level.


After that, some of us hit a club. I had one whiskey shot that destroyed me and had to go home. I may or may have not drank a few beers before that shot but don´t tell anyone.


Today I got to meet a lot more Steemians. Obviously I started to follow most of them.


Big gang huh?


I´ll give you a list of the people I´ve met these past days so you can...

Go follow
right now

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Great meeting up with you again dude. Its like Steemfest 2017 all over again.


Awesome hope you guys had a blast :)


He's a cool dude to hang with.


Who would've thought it would be in Canada right? Haha


So true 😁


Canada is the best place to meet... well I am a tad bias

Today was great! I can only imagine how things are going to go for the rest of the week. :-)


Yes yes yes, I'm pretty sure today was just a sneak peak of what's to come :D

Wow. Pretty mum steemians. I am happy you had enough fun out there. Steem on

Sounds like you're having an amazing time over there! I love this kind of selfie - honest, showing the real world :)


We are! Me too, but I get tired of smiling :( hahaha

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! That last pic is the best ☆

Looks very exciting to meet up with other steemians.

Hahaha. Adapt to selfies or die... #sadtruths

Looks like you had an awesome day, despite the beers and the shot last night! :P


We now have a conversation topic for tomorrow, #sadtruths
Good luck tomorrow! Kick ass and we'll celebrate at night but #noshotsallowed


Bahaha. Deal. Thank you!!!

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WOO !! friend @anomadsoul I love this publication, how beautiful they all look together, I would like to share with many friends of steemit in that way, I'm starting this but I already have several acquaintances and good to know, .. I'm not a lover of the selfi but When the situation warrants, welcome, and take many pictures. Greetings and continue your friendly sharing!

woawwww que lindo!

Que maravilloso hacer estos encuentros, Steemit ha cambiado mucho de mi, de mi vida y mi manera de ver las cosas, y aunque no he cambiado a mis amigos si he agregado mas de ellos a mi lista, gracias a la interacción en los canales de discord han surgido buenas amistades, personas a las que se admira, con las que te compartes y disfrutas en una curación o en una simple conversación. Seria genial hacer este tipo de encuentros, aunque muchos no les agrada creo que este tipo de cercanía es necesaria, que bueno que hayas compartido tu encuentro con nosotros, así nos animamos a hacerlo también, un abrazo.

I can sense great energy and atmosphere! Enjoy your time together!

Excelente amigo, menos mal que no te gustan los selfies!!!!!!jajajaja . Me encanta esa experiencia, disfrútala mucho y sigue publicando para así disfrutarla nosotros aquí de este lado, muchas gracias por compartir, estaré super pendiente de tus próximos post
Saludos @mjoa07 ; )

Looked fun! Seeing the Steembirds there haha. Did they sing a song?

Haha I love ALL the selfies! It was so great meeting you in person today...just like you said, it was like meeting an old friend!

YES! What an amazing time we have had over these last couple days. And yes, people do like selfies. In fact, I want to get one of us tomorrow 😀

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Gee you guys were killing it wished I was along😜

such an awesome time so far. and great to meet you man. the selfies are epic lol i expect even more tomorrow and friday lol

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awww I love those photos! you have had the opportunity to get to know each other and have a good time together!

You should like selfies ... you look good!

Awesome that you added us all to your post... Thanks. I was thinking of following everyone... Took a photo of the board but have not had time to type them all in. Thanks! Was great to meet you.
Great selfies! :-)


If you notice I missed someone let me know :D Good to meet you too!

Wow. Such a nice meetup. And you got a lovely capture of the selfie almost every gang available in a different way. Awesome @anomadsoul

Great to see these meetups happening! Looks like you had fun.


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So many happy faces.. :) love it!

Haha! You are fast becoming a great selfie taker. I wish there was a YouTube channel dedicated to coverage of this event, so every steemian would be able to watch.

If by any chance you meet @goldmatters, send my regards to him and a beautiful selfie with him.


Helo @anomadsoul,
can you tell me how to be on @ocdb's whitelist.

Wao all of you looks so great,Meet the others steemians,very good time,very wonderful selfies,All of you are so happy,that is great,like is so small lets make it fun,Congratulation for the engagement person,and all persons like to take selfies every good time of life,have a great time to all thanks for sharing,

I think that's what makes this community incredible to meet wonderful people through some post, share opinions or tastes and then to see the communication becomes so easy that is exactly as you say, as if you knew them from a long time ago! Excellent photos :)

This looks fun! Glad you're enjoying yourself :D Checking out the list now ^^

Also sry no vote (recharging), but did resteem.
Hmm I wonder if your right about selfies I hope not :P Maybe ill have to try an see

Can't wait to chat more with you and everyone today!!! Such a great crew xo

Enjoy, have a good time and give those guys plenty of reasons to visit Mexico. ;)
PS. Thanks to your selfies, now I know I need another whales t-shirt XD

Enjoyed the pics brother! Lookin'good and havin' fun! I'm still chucklin' pretty hard over the thought of you carrying around a damn selfie stick even though they work pretty damn good! Haha :)

so cool! I even recognize a few hehehe =) The power of steemit!Enjoy!

Totally agree with that sentiment. Meeting steemians in the flesh that we’ve only ever interacted with virtually is kinda like seeing an old friend and catching up! Well said!

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Eric pero si estos selfies son de los buenos, de los de verdad, que no tienen posado ni filtros ni ediciones, bravo por eso!!!!


Que bueno estar ahí...a propósito, también odio las selfies jaja

You got a 35.94% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @anomadsoul!

Yes, give into to the self impulse! :) Looks like a great time!!

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