I'm in Toronto for the Steem Creators Conference!

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Don't pay attention to my belly, it's all a mirage caused by the panoramic setting on my camera and the 50+ year old nice lady that took the picture; the point is, this morning I arrived in Toronto, Canada!

The Steem Creators Conference & Summit starts in only two days and everyone is welcome to join us. If you would like to come you are still in time, just check out the official webpage and get your tickets asap!


I can't wait to meet so many new faces and see some familiar ones!

I'm currently falling asleep in my hostel room. I hopped on a Mexican plane today at 1 am and spent 5 hours on a tini tiny seat; then, after 1.5 hours of bus and subway rides, I got to my hostel. Obviously I couldn't check in until 1 pm so I figured I could explore the city during the morning. I did it, I liked it but now I'm completely destroyed, if I don't sleep I think I'm going to collapse.

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Get some rest my brother! You are the traveling Wilbury! Rest is a must though so take care of yourself! Looking forward to more! Enjoyed!


Just had the best power nap ever and now I'm off to meet some Steemians!


AweSoMe times .... I look forward to the post update! Have a good time!

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I wish. Different continent so don't think I will make it at this stage. I've heard good things about Toronto a lot of my friends emigrated to there years back. Hopefully you have a good conference and meet some good people. I love how many of these meet ups are organised and give people the opportunity to meet and plan together.

So unique for a community to create such good bonds and partnerships. Enjoy.

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I've been to a few meetups and this one is definitely a meetup to look forward to, I really hope we have a blast here! I'll be uploading content about it!


Looking forward to it. I've never been to one of the large meet ups but we do have them in a regular basis here in ireland. I would love to make steemfest but don't see it happening.

Have fun, I'm sure it will be great.

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That's a lovely photo :D
Have an awesome time ^-^

You wouldn't want to be late after all, right? Enjoy canuck land!

Enjoy the conference

Great panoramic! 553 metros de altura compa, una lindura la CN. Abrazos hasta "una de las mejores ciudades del mundo para vivir", como dicen muchos.

I was following you in those days when you were in Russia, you have done the trip very well, you are more chubby, you have enjoyed the food of the area a lot! Hahaha. Quiet when you are back, start your exercise routine, meanwhile take your trip, life is one. regards

Man, I’m so jealous @anomadsoul! I was just in Toronto for the first time last October and loved that city. It’s beautiful and has a very NYC vibe, but cleaner. Have fun!


Hey man! I remember reading about your adventures this side of the pond but I didn't know you came to Toronto. Any recommendations? So far I like it very much, we'll see tonight what the night time has to offer :P


Sadly, no recommendations @anomadsoul. I was there for 12 hours and then had to drive back to NYC. I was forced to eat poutine, but I'm sure you're friends have already forced that upon you as well.

HA ha quite a tight schedule... not even time for jet lag ;-)

Good luck at the conference Eric.


Sleep is for the weak! And apparently I'm weak :P

Don't pay attention to my belly

Haha, I saw 6 packs underneath you cloth.😂
Have fun and return with maple leave!

Ojalá puedas compartirnos fotos y tus apuntes personales fotos de lo que va capturando tu atención en la ciudad y también lo que va sucediendo alrededor del SteemCreators. Confío en tu buen ojo. No sabes las ganas que tengo de conocer Toronto. Creo que últimamente es la ciudad que más me invita a visitar.

Nice! lived there for almost two years love the City! enjoy, keep sharing

¡Pedazo de pirulin!


Eric, que grato verte por el mundo como tú te lo propusiste, como fue tu meta, ser nómada... @anomadsoul Siento que debe ser genial, pero debe ser para personas arriesgadas como tú, yo soy un poco mas de estar en mi casa, quizás me estoy haciendo viejo rápido jajaj hace unos años me hubiese encantado ir por el mundo visitando lugares uff!!!

PD: La señora agradable de mas de 50 años toma unas fotos muuuuuy buenas, compa. FELICÍTALA ajaja

I admit i read it because you wrote about the belly , it was fun and make me laugh, by the way enjoy your visit in Toronto!

My belly is just a mirage too.



It's to avoid all those girls giving us unwanted attention and not letting us do our thing. It's better this way right?


That is what I keep saying! .... To myself.

You are indeed one true Steemain so passionate about things relating to steem ecosystem. Always ready to go to wherever with steem interest at heart. We appreciate this enormous sacrifices you keep making.



Hey @Anomadsoul

Long time no see since I was away.... is it me or you got larger? :P

Hehehe, have a blast there mate! :)



Hey Max! I thought you had forgotten me! Hahaha it's all a visual effect :P


I wouldn't forget about you, I even have you in a card here!

Hehehe, I had to take a break to focus on offline life, now I'm back and really to work on Steem again!

So I didn't forget about you, just stopped coming here for a few weeks.

enjoy and stay safe :)

Get some rest! I just got back from a trip to the US and I'm exhausted and I'm not even able to write a post about it! I had a great time and really busy days, but after almost 2 weeks of intensive traveling, I need to rest!

Awesome! Welcome man 😎

See u soon 🤘

Very well! That good that you can be in Toronto and are present in this instructive and unique event ! And also has the opportunity of speak with a big diversity of contents creators of this platform and listen the that they have for say and sharing with everybody. I hope that you go very well and enjoy this enriching experience!. Regards :)

@anomadsoul, Good to hear that you are joining Steem Creators Conference*, and i hope that you will going have productive time.

And sometimes Travelling is an hectic job and it really drains us, and only resting time can give the boost.

I hope that you will going to meet many new faces and in my opinion, when we meet new people then new journey starts.

So, let's hope that this conference will be effective and productive, and some exciting things will be discussed regarding Steem Economy.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Stunning area! the best and maximum beautiful things inside the global cannot be seen or maybe touched- they have to be felt with the coronary heart. the vicinity is incredible, and the photos are the first rate.

You must rest a little it shows that it will be a busy week! I hope you have a great and bring us many photos about your trip :)

The main thing, go to bed - one. Otherwise, you will collapse.

I was in Toronto 4 Weeks ago.

Enjoy the conference. Ha ha ha your stomach clearly has no problem. Indeed a mirage.

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Your belly looks fine..

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Awesome! You're going to have a fantastic time!!