STEEMCOURT: The Court TEAM for purity.

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Greetings ladies and gentlemen of the steemchurch community and his environ.

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Insight on the latest update made by the court click here on setting up a voluntary team due to the misusing rate of steemchurch tags by steemians and the rate of plagiarism.

Some parishioners who are very willing to dedicate their time to help run check and reviews articles on the steemchurch tags through this means .

This TEAM will each day review on New articles on the #steemchurch tags, including farms tag also and if any article got no relation with the steemchurch tags, The TEAM will put a message to the post on the comment section letting the author know that the supposed article has nothing to do with the steemchurch tags and if the author fail to comply with the warning, sure person will be report to the court via SC discord and proper action will be taken.

Guidelines will be reached to the TEAM on how to run this call and to ensure that this call create positive effect on steemchurch.

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Although position of any TEAM member isn't fixed and if any found to be nonchalant or reluctant to this call, replacement will be carried out because the court is looking into a maximum of 10 TEAM members to help run this call and ensure purity.

So far, the court has gotten up to five volunteers to help run this call.






A discord channel will be created under the SC channel for the TEAM to enhance better communication among them.

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On a maximum of ten and with five already on board, if any parishioners got the interest of being among the team member, he/she should contact me on Discord.


signed:Chief Justice

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this is a breakthrough against the plagiarists ... I've seen many lately

Please help the Court by reporting any to the report room on discord.

count on my support Judge

I use to report in the past about a lot of plagiarism I see, I guess it's time I get back to combing the tag just like I always do, this will make for a healthier, cleaner and better @steemchurch, I hope we van finally purge plagiarism.

Excellent brother, in his first call I made myself available to contribute, I am willing to volunteer. Greetings and blessings

minha firma.png

I thank you greatly for this great privilege giving to me, I promise to put in my possible best with fairness to make sure the goal of this team is achieved. Once again, thank you greatly @steemcourt

Wow, this is a team of able parishioners. Steemcourt is doing great

good job ✌

This is a good job @steemcourt, together will can eradicate plagiarism.

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Good job chief justice! This is a very good initiative. I proposed a court system that looks like this! This is a good step!

Here's the link to what i proposed!

I volunteered in the last post but it seems you missed my comment.

This is a great improvement, we must all work together to ensure this initiative workout as planned

I'm glad to be part of the team as i look forward into working together with others in the team in achieving the our objective.
Thanks for the opportunity @steemcourt

Report to the Court-team channel with immediate effect

Well said boss. I will do my best to fight against abusers of #STEEMCHURCH tag, #FARMS