Design our thumbnail and banner image please - Contest results!

A week or so ago, we issued a call to all budding image/graphic designers for help with our thumbnail and banner image.

The remit was pretty open, we didn't really have much of an idea of what we wanted and left most of this down to the creative minds of the people. More than 20 designs for these images were received, and some entrants even included a footer/page-break image.

So without further ado, the images we have chosen to represent @steemcommunity were designed by...


Thank you very much for these clear and professional looking designs which we felt really embodied the spirit of @steemcommunity.

STEEM COMMUNITY - Logo w- Background.jpg

We would like to thank everyone that took the time to submit designs for the contest, your time is very much appreciated.

Congratulations and thank you again to @themonkeyzuelans - your 50 SBD prize has been sent.




Asher and Paula

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Wooohooo!!!! I am so happy that the couple that make up the @monkeyzuelans won this!!!

I knew when I saw the contest that they would be a perfect match because of their talent and professionalism.

When they make graphics work it is not merely a design but a journey into their creative process and I am so proud of them!!

That prize is massive and will be very helpful to them.


They are a class act for sure!

The post detailing the process, and the end results are super professional, we just had to choose this work.

Super duper quality logo! So original, and it embodies steem and community into a recognizable shape.


Yes we really like it!

Thanks for your comments :)

I loved it!


Thank you! :D

hi this logo is really top


Thank you, and thank you @themonkeyzuelans!

Congratulations @themonkeyzuelans awesome work. the level of entry to this contest was very very high and it was so hard to pick a winner

@steemcommunity, enjoy the vote!

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I will give them a vote and reply with a comment warning them against spamming the Steem blockchain with unnecessary content.

From your introduce post, so "Do as I say, not as I do bot?"

Spam is Spam. What does your comment have to do with this post?
Because you gave a vote you think you have a right to spam?

Wew. I dont know is this community under an actifit community.

But, welldone. Congrat too @themonkeyzuelans

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congratulations!!! Great design indeed😊

Congratulations @steemcommunity!
You raised your level and are now a Minnow!

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