Steemcommunity Art Contest!

First of all thanks to @beeyou for the recommendation.

This is my proposal for the design contest proposed by @paulag and @ abh12345 to give @Steemcommunity more life. Now, as Steemit is a force that has spread all over the world and has been adopted in many countries, I used this as a source of inspiration for the creation of these designs. I hope you like it.





This last one is a gift for you....


Thank you for your designs @jogreh!

I love your logos. You have such a great talent. Keep up the great work.

Gracias por tomarse el tiempo para crear el logotipo y los banners. ¡Me gusta mucho! Espero que a @steemcommunity también le guste. Buena suerte @jogreh. ¡Estoy feliz de que sigas aquí y espero que estés bien!

I used google translation for the above. :) It is very sweet of you to participate in the contest when I tagged you (and others from the past). You are very talented. Good luck!!!

OMG ! in love with your creation. Slaying it once more.

Sir ypur blog is intersting
And steemit community is very nice and active i like steemit

nice entry, thank you

Que buen diseñador!Tal vez nos vendría bien una mano tuya algún día jajaja, nos gustó mucho tu post y por ello te obsequio este link de invitación al canal de Discord de Capybara Exchange , donde podrás cambiar STEEM, SBD, Bytes o cualquier criptomoneda a Bolívares de manera fácil y con la mejor tasa calculada a conveniencia de cada cliente con la mayor transparencia posible, incluso @Punqtured nos dedicó el mas reciente de sus post.

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