Football Contest : Guess the score between Nigeria v Argentina win 3 Steem Basic Income Units

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Hi everyone, i would like to run a football Contest. This contest fully sponsored by @paulag. It's easy to take part on this contest even if you don't like football you can follow this contest. Just guess the result between Nigeria v Argentina and if you guess the right score you will win 3 SteemBasicIncome Units.

Contest Rules

  • Resteem this post to be known by other
  • Put your answer in the comment below
  • The answer must be before kick off
  • If there are more right answers, @paulag will pick one by herself
  • Only one answer allowed
  • The winner will pick after the game
  • Upvote this post (optional)

If you want to know more about what is @steembasicincome check here

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Ha ha ha ha, trust me it will be Nigeria 3 - Argentina 1 😎

I bet Argentina will win.
What stake will we have for this bet?

best of luck to all the entrants

Nigeria 2 - 4 Argentina

1-2 Argentina!

Nigeria 0-2 Argentina

Nigeria 1 - 3 Argentina

Nigeria 0-2 argentina

Nigeria 0-2 Argentina

You will be sad hihihihihi

Great contest. Let me participate.
Nigeria 2 - 1 Argentina

@paulag, did you lately notice the profitability/rewards from steembasicincome?

I have not looked much but for prizes I would rather give these as they can not be cashed out!

That is indeed not possible.
Only if you believe in conspiracy/scams it can be cashed out. 😔😤

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