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New week, new contest from @legendchew (it was posted 5 days ago but let us not sweat the small details). Now, without further ado let's get this show started!

This week's topic is - * drum roll plays in the background *

"What Makes You Passionate About Steemit?"

Well then a little history lesson first. I first learned about steemit during the heat of facebook privacy issue and got curious right away as I am reading crypto related stuff during that time as well. I thought to myself that this could be the sign (a romantic development right?) that I have been waiting for to finally start participating in the growing crypto industry and community. So I made an account and got approved on March 27,2018 and what happened next is already written here so I will leave it to your discretion on whether you'd read my melodramatic piece or not.

You might be wondering how it connects to the topic at hand, well it is just that my first few months here were so grueling that it stressed me out on what I should try to gain visibility and earn. I tried numerous routes like a headless chicken without direction, it was like I was being driven by my desire to earn alone and that way of steeming went on for quite sometime. But that is not passion, that is greed and I failed to see the real purpose of the platform because I was so concerned about the $ on my post.



However things changed a month ago, I started to write things about my hobbies and people started interacting with me. It was a lot of fun geeking out with people with same interests and that opened my eyes to the potentials of the platform that I didn't care about way back when I was just starting out.

"If you try hard enough people will soon notice your efforts and it will be so satisfying you wouldn't be able to hide your excitement", that is what I felt when a post of mine got curated for the first time, it was a blissful moment that made everything I have been through worth it. More than the amount earned, it was the recognition and acceptance that completely changed my way of doing things.

So what am I getting at? It is quite a roundabout way of saying that it is the people and the community here that makes me passionate about steemit. This is a blogging and social networking website for crying out loud, it is a bonus that it rewards its users for creating quality content. So why are people only focusing on the reward part? The reward comes after the hardships not the other way around, this is the realization that struck me as I interact and learned more about steemit. It has a lot of wonderful people that cares for the platform and the users, once you encounter them and their works only then you will see the real capabilities that steemit has. It is not a milking cow (maybe it is for some) it is place for you to be yourself and find others that sees the value in you.

Invest in yourself, invest in building relationships not on a one time post. People are for a lifetime, a single post lasts for a week.



That's it for my entry this week. If you ever run out of ideas on what to write why not consider dropping by @legendchew's contest and save yourself from the trouble of racking your brain for ideas lol.

One more thing, I would like to take this opportunity to thank @curie and their curators for the curation yesterday, @charitybot for the SBI sponsorship and all the people who still talk to me despite my almost non-existent upvote value.

Pardon for the misleading title (for the 3rd time). See you on my next post.



Congrats once again on the curie vote :)

And it was not the title that lured me in, it was the $_$ pic lol

Nice read! Good luck on the contest :)

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Thanks, I thought I did well on that title if I'd say so myself lol

Good luck to you too :)

Good luck in the contest! I hope you win.

Thanks, well there are other great entries too so I won't get my hopes that high hehe

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Hi @ascheriit, thank you for your participation in the "Exclusive Blogging Course Giveaway Contest".

Thanks too :)

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