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Well, I know there are some other things in the mix, but I also know it's been a challenge to find people to work on projects. For that reason I'm releasing a very simple website we're calling Steemcoder based on the opensource job board Jobskee. It's been tailored to the Steem Ecosystem and designed to help project leaders find people necessary for Programming, IT admin, and Creative work.

Steemcoder right now is a very simple working Alpha meant to gauge interest in such a tool. The site is built from the opensource job board Jobskee. I don't there are many full time employment opportunities as of right now for Steemians, but there are a million different projects that need bits of the labor farmed out. If you have work you need done post it as a job. If you're a dev, IT guy, or creative type looking for work within the Steem ecosystem then search the board for available jobs/projects.

The longer term vision is to create/purchase a freelancer clone and do a better job than a job board can of matching projects with people and people to projects.

For now if you're looking to build a business and want to find people to work on the project you can post a job for free today.

The reverse side doesn't currently exist where you can post your skills and people can search through a list of freelancers, but that would be in the beta release if we choose to go there.

What it looks like

That's it. It's minimalist. It's simple. Post a job/project/piece, talk about the project, share what you're willing to pay, and leave some contact info. It's free to use, currently functional, and just needs new people to post some gigs. Please consider giving it a try.


If this takes off I'll invest to make it into a freelancer clone, but you login with Steem Connect and have payment mechanisms built in with Steem.

Behind the Project

Currently it's just me and @stoodkev working on this. If there's enough interest posting Steem related jobs here I'll grow a team and make this a real thing.

Have a Project? Looking for work?

Please go to Post a job/project/piece. Look through those and the site, and let's see if we can get something started that makes connecting project leaders and talent meet in the middle.

Seeing this now

Gonna work on that.

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Fail #2

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Fail when adding an image logo, Image is at the right location.

Fail #3

Broken image at login.

This is great. so many of us are jobless, but have skills that could be utilized if people knew where to ask/look for it.

Great work @aggroed !
Always moving forward :)

I would love to help you guys build the platform and help the vision
Can we chat on twitter or discord?
Keep up the good work

· I'm almost always in there


I sent you a pm on discord

Salam sejahtera

yes my nice job is very spotr 😊😊
Thanks for sharing.
I will mendoaka to you may you always healthy.
I'm new here and I do not understand ,, I need guidance?
thank you @aggroed

It seems to me an excellent idea, in truth the one that has vision of the future will have more success, this type of initiative gives a hope to the people who are leaders of projects and who do not have a base to sustain their works.

Wow!, This is fantastic. The Steem Blockchain seems to be growing drastically bigger Daily. That's amazing. Nice Initiative. Keep it up.

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Great, thanks! This will come in useful for me at some point :)

Love it! This plus a merchant portal of some kind would expand the possibilities around here so much! So cool seeing these new things get developed.

This is a really good idea. We can move from writing g about what we know to actually showing practical examples in that gigs we pull off successfully.

I, as a creative, fully support this project.

Looks great, need something like this for designers too.

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Thanks for sharing your mind ...

I tried to post an add for someone to help me set up my client wallet on Ubuntu I am having too much trouble with it. : (
The website is crashing when I click review add.

A very wonderful initiative @aggroed, this is definitely going to add more value to the Steemit blockchain and the community in general. Keep up the good work, we look forward to seeing this site fully operational.

I am really amazed while some are lazing around, you are taking your time to make the Steemit Ecosystem a better place by rendering job opportunity like this steemcoder. I and others who might be looking for one job or the other finally got a shot at this. Let me go register my interest

Nice - this should come in handy. I've had a few people ask me if I knew any programmers. Can send them here.

Awesome work 👊😮🤟

This is very useful, because now many people do not know what to ask ..
move on @aggroed

Hey @aggroed,
I tried to subscribe to programming jobs by email, but there was an empty page displayed. No clue weather it worked or not.
Also its obvious that some pictures are not displayed correctly.

Great work man. Keep it up. You were my first witness vote.
It's not a big vote. But wish you best of luck!

Wow a great idea! Thank you!

great work and job

Very good @aggroed
I signed up for your post, I'm waiting for a visit!

We created a job board from a social script, for people to teach English abroad. Integrating steem into the script would be awesome.

your post is good, do not forget to stop in my posting @abrarleo

Very good intiviative, I hope you will get success.