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Still waiting for a logo.
Any good contribution (suggestion, development or design) to this project will get some rewards from me.

User profile with basic information added.
You can see development progress in



I will add more information about accounts, like voting power or bandwidth.
Also, I will add a public profile for each user.

I will publish more information about steemclient in the future.
Steemclient will be a full functionality client for steem blockchain + a new system on the steem blockchain.

If you are a creative and professional developer (javascript, nodejs, php, mysql , ...) or a professional front-end designer (html, css, js, bootstrap, ...), contact me. I can pay for some minor developments about my project.

Follow for more information.


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More clients more choise, it is a good news for all community.

You are very creative programmer @mahdiyari, steemfollower and steemauto have been awesome projects and i believe that this steemclient will be no different.

Thanks for keep doing things that can help steemit community.
Keep it up sir @mahdiyari



i miss you giving updates on the price of steem and steem dollars

How i can pm you? @mahdiyari



Hi @mahdiyari, threw a sketch together for you since you're looking for a logo.

Nice project...hope it succesfull
Resteemed and upvoted 😊

that great step ! steemclient will be great for steemit !

Looking awesome but what is benefit in steemclient ?? I want more information what's its work please @mahdiyari??


Right now, nothing.
that is under development.
I will publish more information soon.


Thanks for responding

That's a good one @mahdiyari..i can design one(logo) for you...u got my support...steem on


@mahdiyari I'm a front-end developer specialising in building websites with Bootstrap, please let me know if I can help out at all. Would love to collab on some Steemit projects 🙂


can we talk in or discord?


@mahdiyari of course, I will send you a message on, are you mahdiyari on there also? 🙂


@mahdiyari I've sent you a message on if you still need any help please get in touch with me on there.

Dang, wish my skills were up to par so I could lend a hand. But thank you for working so tirelessly on all these projects!


This is incredible innovative and I'm in for any technical support.. Thanks

Here is what I did on Photoshop, the puzzle piece displays that the missing piece to success is now added (Steemclient).

Good aplikasi

Hey mate, another option is to have a look at this site. there are heaps of resources, among other things, at heavily discounted prices, and often free stuff as well. I have seen listed a free logo design in there somewhere. definitely worth a look.

My name is Mamun I am a member of a member of mine If I used to help you a lot then I would have benefitted very much. I can not run the estimation well. I am not able to post my bandwidth, I can not post well enough to comment, I can not comment if I can not do anything If you could help me a little bit, some steam power would have helped me too

will try to make a logo for you dear

Very god

very good job of this
is needed for everyone@mahdiyari

Looks good so far! On steemauto is it possible to edit or delete upvotes that are setup?

wow great article

Hello @mahdiyari I hope I am in the right place. Yesterday I tried to join and log onto your site It kept telling my my steemit id was invalid. I tried every combination and still got same error. So finally I logged in under a guest id once I did I got the message that I needed to send 0.001 to steemfollwer which I did. I waited and tried and then tried again and again with no luck. I am not sure why my friend @Senoui sent me your information to contact you here I am. my id is @acrowland for steemit. Can you please help me? or if I have been scamed by not sending the 0.001 steem to the wrong place or what. I realize it is not much and it is not really about the money. It is more about I was interested in this idea . If this has been phased out or you are now offering a different minnow help group I would be very interested information about it. I know you are very busy and this is not a big thing or a larger amount but it really is the principle. Thank you in advance for your time and any response or solution to this issue. I hope you have an amazing day.


you should login with your steemit account information.


I have many times I will try again right now but up to know I can only see it in guest123 mode which does nothing for me. but thank you for your timely response. I realize you are busy and this is small fry / minnow stuff.


OMG thank you I didn't do anything different but I am on now. Thank you very much. I hope to not be a pain in your side. But if I am doing something wrong just let me know ok. Thank you so much excited to see what this will do to help me with my exposure issues.

Hi brother, I'm web developper if you make me know at any stage in this project you are i could be helpfull, i just start to day but I have read about steemit for long time i sign in just to make a bot but i would like to work with and know more about this project :)

You got a very good idea keep it up...

I'll try to create a logo for you this weekend.
Do I have to post it here after creating it?
Yours sincerly.


just let me know somehow.

Is the schedule post option on steemauto working ok? Today I had an issue with a post.

steemauto didn't post on time, and it even showed negative seconds so I delete it on steemauto and went on and posted it manually, but then suddenly steemauto posted the delayed and already delete on steemauto post.

Is that option broken?


there was a problem in that section,
now fixed.
Sorry for problems.


All right thanks!



Today there seems to be problems again.

This time the post was posted, but it showed that on steemauto, negative seconds. And there was a massively authoring of my part according to steemd luckily no new article was posted. But I suppose all those registers showing I authored something was steemauto trying to do something? Notice there were 7 minutes apart each.

I just deleted the schedule post on steemauto and removed the authorization using steemconnect, but I will re authorize the site later today because I use the autovote and trail feautures. I just don’t want the app to incorrectly post the same article twice.

Hi @mahdiyari, the steemfollower website has been down all day returning the following error message - 'Steem Blockchain Api is down!!! Comeback later. It is not in our control.' Any ideas when the service will be back up and running?

This is my first proposal

I am open to any idea. I 'll do better.
If you have something to suggest. please let me know somewhere.
Best regards.