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I'm not professional in designing logo, so don't expect something better than this one.
Any good contribution (suggestion, development or design) to this project will get some rewards from me.

You can see development progress in
Login is available, you can test login and logout by

Right now, I'm working on api server for steemclient which will be available in
I will use that api for developing that project in client side instead of server side. so, your account information will be safe in your browser.
(github repo will be updated soon)

My idea about project changed. I think to develop another system on steem blockchain.
I will publish more information about steemclient in the future.

If you are a creative and professional developer (javascript, nodejs, php, mysql , ...) or a professional front-end designer (html, css, js, bootstrap, ...), contact me. I can pay for some minor developments about my project.

Follow for more information.


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muy buen proyecto amigo, me gustaria contribuirte con un logo tomando en cuenta tus ideas principales, por donde nos podriamos poner mas en contacto para crear algo que te guste al 100%? , soy Diseñador Gráfico y me gustaria ayudarte en esto. ¡Saludos!

its really really good ..... thank you so much for this nice project !
In-sha-Allah you will success !


inşallah :)

Hi @mahdiyari, i am a professional front-end developer (senior) and junior back-end developer, and not bad (in my opinion) graphic designer. I had a huge projects like “exchange likes,subscribes,follows for points” it was something like addmefast (but only for Polish society), I had a very popular in Poland Counter Strike 1.6 and Counter Strike GO servers and website on VPS (with my own plugins in c++/c#).
You can find on my steemit profile some simple steemit logos. I know html,css,JavaScript,PHP,Bootstrap,C++,C# (but c++ and c# not that good like other). I can make deal with you. I don’t want money, I want just promotion on steemit. Cheers!

we are watching your wonderful works with a group of people. and also we support your projects. if i find a designer from my group i will talk about a logo design for project.


Thanks for your support.


also site is empty but login logout issues are working well.

İ think that design is not bad


@gcamkerten will do a better one if she has time :)

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nice project sir...hope you succsessfull

I'm learning gimp. When i am available i will try to design for you

you create quite good projects and this deserve thank you at last.

You're too modest. That logo was nice. Good job and good luck.

I will visit it , hopefully you did well

thanks for sharing

Great project, uptoded