My Cheetah blacklist. My apology to Steemit community

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My name is @bogere a member of the steemit community. I have been blogging or steemit for the past 6 months and am here to address something pertaining my misconduct on this forum and this has been granted to me by the management of this platform . I have to thank the management for the opportunity of allowing to make this post despite the abuse of the platform and the steemit community as a whole. The main reason for being jotting down this kind of article is to apologize to the entire steemit community for the poor conduct and failure to comply to the rules and guide lines one which this forum operates.

Abusive posts made

  • Before i get into the thick of purpose for this apology, i will fo as the management said in the guide to making an appeal to the community and this by posting all the links on which i abused the community and these are as below. Am sure i traced them in all posts i have made ever since i joined this amazing platform and i have to clearly put out that incase there others i could not find, i have say am very sorry about that but as for what i got are the links connected to the abusive post.

  • These are the links of posts which were abusive to the steemit community and i have say that management goes through them and very open to any kind of advise from you and i will be of good cheer to take them serious and work more on them to make my life easy here on this platform.

What i did wrong and why it was wrong

First and foremost, i have to admit that i was doing what was not recommended by the platform in doing so, i was not giving credit to the all sources where i was picking the information which i was including in my blogs and that led me to be caught by the @cheetah and this is something i normally took so lightly and that alone made me to become a candidate for plagiarism which is so sad to a person who had learnt all the dos and donts for the forum.

  • The second error i made was not citing and linking of the images i picked from different websites and not crediting the sources and as i have said, i kept under looking all these small things yet they very vital in the blogging world especially fore this forum. Therefore that was another kind of mistake i was always doing and that has now led me to this lesson of making an apology to the community.
  • On the issue where i was flagged for the last two posts by @steemcleaner, i was in absolute shocked on how my reputation dropped but i was reluctant to check due to other problems i was facing then and it had taken me time to realize what happened to my account. According to the two post, i surely don't know why and it happened because my previous posts were Christian in nature and derived from my fellowships and these were not plagued but i wont argue because i must have gotten it wrong somewhere and i have to apologize for that.

My apology to the Steemit community

I @bogere i hereby making my apology to the steemit community for the misconduct on the platform and i have to deeply say that am very sorry for the abusive of the forum and honestly asking to pardon me on according to what i have stated above. Am requesting for another chance please to be allowed to do more blogging with the community and build my relationship with the members here so that i see progress in what i do here. I say all this because there nothing as important as a network when it comes to building personal ambitions and this is my time to write this apology to you good people on this platform.

  • Lastly to the entire management of this forum, i have to say am really very sorry for the abusive posts made on the platform and i have to promise that i will try to the very best whenever i blogs so that i don't face what i have faced. Am still requesting that my reputation on the platform is taken back but i will have to accomplish all the tasks which you have commanded me to do. Please i request you release from the ban by @steemcleaners

I will be greatful when my apology is put into consideration.

Thank you @bogere

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Warning! This user is on my black list, likely as a known plagiarist, spammer or ID thief. Please be cautious with this post!
If you believe this is an error, please chat with us in the #cheetah-appeals channel in our discord.


Dear @cheetah, its a post i have made to appeal to the steemit community and the entire management for the abusive posts. I have sent a notification concerning this post according to the guidelines as stipulated.

!cheetah unban


Okay, I have unbanned @bogere.