Show Us Your City Contest!

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It's been fun to witness the evolution of SteemCity, STEEM's newest NFT city simulator game!

This contest is simple! Whether your city is big or small it doesn't matter, grab a screen shot of your city and paste it into the comments! Your city name in the screen grab needs to match your posting account so we know it's actually your city!

On Friday, March 20th we'll draw 5 lucky winners at random from the comments.


  • 1st Place -> 1x Apartment [SteemCity NFT]
  • 2nd Place -> 800 SIM
  • 3rd Place -> 1x Basic Home
  • 4th Place -> 800 SIM
  • 5th Place -> 1x Basic Home

Contest OPEN NOW, closes at time of draw Friday, March 20th! Let's see those cities!

Play SteemCity here, and get latest updates here!

Don't forget to tag #battle on all your SteemCity and gaming content!


Here we go :)


Beauty city, so many dispensaries! 👊


Nice contest!

I found the game through you, so thanks for that! :)

Most welcome 👊

I haven't done any modifications since last night when I bought another 20 random cards, as I was doing the hardcore Path of Exile competition. So I got a bunch with nobody working in right now and it was also late and I was getting tired. 🤣


Damn nice city!! Right now its showing 150 workers short so you must have made some moves..👊

Yeah I had bought a heap of cards and not sent any to my alt or put some for sale. 😁

I zoomed in as much as I could to make my city look bigger :D


I have been grinding out my city as much as I can.
Also I have been getting beerfests every chance I get

City is looking HUGE! 👊

Not so popular, but hopefully it is enough for a win ^^

20200314  City  Brave.png

Looking beastly dude! you're into the contest so good luck!👊


Trying to reach top 25 soon

Boom! Is this a mega-city or what? Nice build!👊

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Buzz City

Work in progress, still optimizations to make for sure. Currently 70 unemployed so I should be able to bring some industry online shortly..




Nice setup, apartments for miles!👊



A small city on the rise!!👊

I will play that game lol

Cool, good luck! 👊

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