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Text:Matthew 7:17-18

A good healthy tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear excellent fruit
(The Amplified Bible)

I never cease to tell people to work more on themselves than they do on their jobs or other assignments; disciplining and advancing themselves before they work at any other thing. Often when things go wrong or they are not exactly as we would rather they are, our first reaction is to think of who caused it or how we can fix the problem. We always think of whom to place the blame on: we never for once give it a thought that we might just be the culprits.

I emphasize working on yourself more than your job, marriage or other relationships and even your academics, because it is what you are on the inside you will simply reproduce on the outside.

The bible says in Matthew 7:17 that every healthy tree bears good fruit worthy of admiration, but the sickly decaying tree bears worthless fruit.
A good healthy tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear excellent fruit. Need I say more? The fruits you are producing now tell the true picture of the state of your inner man. A marriage will look like the two persons inside it, your work will look like you and your report sheet will announce you, because whatever knowledge training and discipline you have imbibed as an individual is what you will translate into other things and the people in your life. You cannot change anything or any person without first changing yourself.

But I must pause to ask you honestly, what are you or have you been filling yourself with; junk information, self-help strategies? At the end of the day your mind is your most valuable asset and that is why it matter: much not just what you fill your mind with but who has control of your mind; God or the world. At the appropriate time sooner or later than you imagined, you will come under extreme pressure; your real content will have no other choice than to show the stuff you are made of.
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So if you don't like your present performance, why not check your present input. I perceive that many of us need mental repositioning, not just by reading motivational and inspirational books, but by first of all reading God's word, because every other book is working because God's word, the Bible is working. So before you read any other thing, find out first of all what the bible has to say.


If you are currently where you are not supposed to be, then its because you haven't worked on yourself more

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