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TEXT:Isaiah 46:10

I make known the end from the beginning, from ancient times, what is still to come! say: My purpose will stand, and l will do all that I please.
(New lnternational Version)

The story of Esther is more than the fairy tale of a young Jewish virgin becoming the queen of the greatest pagan nation at the time. That is part of the story, but I am interested in something else this morning. Just where are you today? You may be somewhere I cannot say, but you are feeling high and good about the fact that you are where you are by your own goals, strategies and hard work and as such you deserve the much you have. In fact you may be right but, it is still because God wants you to be where you are right now.

Haman had planned to kill God's entire people the Jews, and the Jews looked to their fellow Jew; Queen Esther to stand in and make a case for them before her husband, the king. Her uncle Mordecai sent her this message in Esther 4:13 saying don’t think that just because you live in the king’s house, you are the one Jew who will get out of this alive. If you persist in staying silent at a time like this, help and deliverance will arrive for the Jews from elsewhere, but you and your family will be wiped out. Who knows? Maybe you were made queen for Just such a time as this.

Maybe you think you are not good enough or influential enough but have you ever wondered why you are where you are today?

Has it ever crossed your mind that you are what you are today because God needs you there for someone else; not really for yourself? Who knows, maybe you are a manager, a millionaire, an influential person or a top shot for just such a time as this. And interestingly, you may be a maid, cleaner, driver or messenger; and from that lowly position you can influence people greater than you. If you can never really find a reason for where you are, maybe you should today. You are where and what you are right now because you are supposed to bring deliverance to someone or some people. It may be because of even one person; and never despise the fact that it is for one person; with God one person is enough for heaven to throw a party over.

Many times we miss the opportunity to be what God desires and to make the best of every level we find ourselves because we conclude that we have not reached the peak of our dreams. l need you to understand that you have a specific assignment for every stage of your life. You may not be in a palace yet like Esther but you have a certain degree of influence that can bring deliverance and freedom to someone. Think about it.!

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