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God's Time Is Perfect, Difference Between Cronos And Kairos!

Sometimes we can think that God has absented himself from the plan, that we are out of his sight, we ask ourselves if he remains with us why he delays in acting? Other times we adapt to live, desisting from dreams, because perhaps we conclude that they are very big and we are very small. But God has the government of all things, and He is Almighty to do His will. That is why we can say that God's time is perfect.

"In your hand are my times; (The psalmist is recognizing that his very life, plans and projects are in God's time) Deliver me from the hand of my enemies and my persecutors" In (Psalm 31:15).

It is interesting to note that when the psalmist refers to his times he refers to his life ... "God is the Lord and master of everything, and he has dominion over the times". The word "times", from the Hebrew Et, translates: period, determined time, auspicious or appropriate. We can say that it refers to a time designed by the hands of the celestial architect, in the fulfillment of His purposes. He has the government over the times of men.

Our Lord is also called the eternal God, from the Hebrew Olam: eternal or eternity. Time is contained in eternity, as in something from where it receives its being and its unity. Eternity is the one that establishes time, the source from where it flows perpetually and what gives it meaning "something like eternity is the whole, and time a portion". God has the government of all things, so keep in mind that "Everything is possible for God."


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God's time is perfect, chronos and kairos.

In the scriptures we find: Then God said: Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night; and let them be signs for the seasons, for days and years, and let them be for lights in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth. And it was like that. that God made the two great lights; the greater luminary to rule the day, and the lesser luminary to rule the night; He also made the stars. And God set them in the expanse of the heavens to give light on the earth, and to rule in the day and in the night, and to separate the light from the darkness. And God saw that it was good. (Genesis 1: 14-18) and therefore the units of measurement of our time: millennium, century, year, month, day, hour, etc. It is the time of man.

Cronos: time lapse, duration of time. Origin of the word chronometer and its origins. The chrono is earthly time, which can be measured. God established with the creation the sun, the moon and the stars to measure the earthly times.

Kairos: correct measurement, occasion, defined period, opportune time, favorable time, indicated and precise moment. Cronos brand quantity, quality Kairos, In: (Rom 5: 6) "Christ, when we were still weak, in due time died for the ungodly." Kairos is the opportune time, appropriate, appropriate, punctual, precise, exact, just, and designed from heaven, where God intervenes in the lives of people in a supernatural and powerful way. Time designed in heaven, manifested on earth, for the blessing of men. Here we must watch and be prepared for God's changes, such as "When the manna stopped falling".

In time men chronos, we can deduce sometimes, that God is taking a certain response or miracle, but God knows what, when and how he does it. For example, Maria, the sister of Lazaro, said to: Jesus "Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died" and then Marta the other sister said to him: "Lord, it stinks, because it takes four days", but Jesus said: "I have not told you that if you believe you will see the glory of God? Then miracles or divine interventions do not occur when we want or hope, but in the kairos, that is, in the time of God. The chronos time: It is the time measured by the clock, calendar, routine. It is the appointed time within a limit. in Luke 1:57, When Elisabeth was served time for her birth, she gave birth to a son.

In the Bible, time is not taken into account, unlike the fact that kairos time is centered on the perfect will of God. The time kairos; it is the perfect time of God, it is the season, the visitation of God from a place or for a person, it is the manifestation of natural, not expected from God, for the fulfillment of his plans and his perfect will in the life of God. a human being, nation, and city. God does not rely on a clock, to fulfill his will, his time is from heaven, he has no set time, God acts according to his nature of greatness, for him there is nothing that can be impossible.

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When you seek God's purpose for your life, you will have to go through waiting times. God uses these waiting periods to prepare and evaluate you so you can face whatever comes in the next phase of your faith. Sometimes we worry when we are in waiting times, we get stressed, we complain, we get tense. The Israelites, when God put a time of waiting in their journey from Egypt to the promised land, reacted in the same way: "But the people became impatient with such a long journey and began to speak against God and Moses: Why did they take us out? from Egypt to die here in the desert? -They complained- "(Numbers 21: 4-5).

The sins of complaining and worrying about the Israelites were those who safeguarded them outside the promised land. It did not matter what God had done for them, they saw something to complain about. They had no water, so God provided them with water. Then they had no food, but when God provided food, they complained about the food they received. It's easy to complain when we're forced to wait, right? No matter wait if we can complain about that.

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