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Every parents wants to see their children become the best they can be ,some parents make a mistake of making their children live their dreams for them.For example a father who could not live his dream of becoming a medical doctor for some reason vows that his child will bring that dream to reality. In the same way, a mother that couldn't live her dream of becoming a lawyer for some reason would want to see her child bring that dream to actualisation. Many parents drive their children in the wrong direction making it impossible for the children to be the best they can be in life.

Much as you desire your child to be the best he can be,it's not for you to force him into what he is not cut out for in life.Don't try to make your children the person you wish you were because God may have a different future plan for him,instead strive to make him the best he can be spiritually ,physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually. Your responsibility as a parent is to bring your child to God and help him discover himself , maximise his potentials in order to realize his dream in life.

It is important to state here that the way you relate with your child matters a lot. You can never spend too much time on any worthwhile investment ,there isn't a more worthy investment than preparing your child for a glorious future. Besides spending quality time with your child ,you need for pray for him that God will guide his path to greatness,as you do this, also teach him how to pray,let him learn early in life absolute dependence on God for everything he needs ,let him know that without God he cannot achieve anything.


a)HELP HIM TO BE FOCUSED;Most young people lose sight of their dreams because of peer pressure and lack of encouragement. Teach your child to avoid peers that will influence negatively and derail from pursuing his dreams. Tell your child to be focused on what he wants to achieve in life.he shouldn't abandon his pursuit because of peer pressure. Guide and support your child to say focussed on his dream.

b)ENCOURAGE HIM;encourage him to attend vocational trainings that match his interests, personality and values.

c)RIGHT DECISION;Help him to make right decisions and at the right time.

d)TAKE ACTION;Take deliberate step to make his dream a reality.

Even if it requires education or training to get there , let him know that with God all things are possible. As parents you have an enormous responsibility to give your children the best training as possible and make them be the best they can be in life.

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