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Proverbs 29:21 King James Version (KJV)
21 He that delicately bringeth up his servant from a child shall have him become his son at the length.

Jide was in his teenage years when he heard the speaker from an open air crusade,then decided to go there,as the ministration was going on, Jide gave his life to Christ through that avenue. After the counselor interviewed Jide, he told jide go but Jide replied that he wouldn't want to return back to the home he is coming from that it will affect him negatively on his new Faith,this caught the attention of the counsellor and then he asked Jide some more questions,Jide then disclosed to him that he lived under the bridge with some dangerous boys. The counselor had to encourage him to return back there that he will work something out for him to leave there soon.

After the counselor visited and observed Jide on some occasions ,he decided to move Jide out of that horrible place just as he had promised on the day Jide gave his life to Christ. The counselor did all the necessary paperwork and adopted Jide as part of his children.

What lead Jide under the bridge? Jide's mom and dad lived in the city some years ago with his other siblings,All of a sudden Jide's Father became an alcoholic,he will come back home drunk and beat his wife as if she was a punching bag. Jide's mom will scream and scream but no one will hear her because the television is raised to the highest volume,this routine went on for months till Jide's mom decided to leave her home and never returned.

When she left, Jide's father eye opened and he began hoping to come back and see his wife everyday,this made Jide dad to feel sad from the loneliness that after some months he couldn't take it because he was thinking too much and his life was a total mess, then he committed suicide and died. The children where left all to themselves,they didn't know any relative of theirs,the neighbors tried their best to help them out but their good wasn't enough for the children.

After some time the eldest child had to join prostitution to take care of the remaining children but after some time things didn't continue as it was,the sister died of Aids. Jide became all alone ,that was when he decided to join those dangerous boys under the bridge.

There are so many young ones like Jide in your city, the problem of broken homes and marriages has take a toll on the society,that it why there is high rate of teenage unwanted pregnancy, rape, armed robbery, cultism and so many other bad things. The entire population suffer from it. Just some months ago i was robbed by a group of cultism which are very young,i paid a very high price that day,it was an experience you won't want to imagine. Thank God for that counsellor that took Jide in and trained him up properly.
May God help our homes from falling apart. Amen.

Happy new week all.


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