The roads to get to GOD are narrow, but wide in their arrival

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Receive all the readers of this community, the blessing of God. This writing guides us on the path of good.


The man, easily loses his soul when walking on paths of pleasure, justifying his behavior before the vanity in which he develops his life. It is common, to hear between brothers words like: "as long as it does not hurt anyone", "with my behavior I do not offend God", that is, the man rests on his own concupiscence, trusting in his luck or in what he He surely performs, without counting on the purposes assigned to us by the Lord. Those who walk on the right path, even if it is narrow the path to reach God, know that tolerance, respect, hope, good behavior, represents the passport, to reach the final goal. It's for that reason, that sometimes we do not understand the optimistic behavior of some people, that even though they are going through strong trials, due to adverse circumstances to life, they maintain hope and do not allow anything or anyone to overshadow their faith.

I do not mean with this, that we have to live suffering, with extreme deficiencies, with illnesses, others, to be able to walk the narrow path and finally reach paradise. No and no, God wants us to be happy, willing to follow the example of his son Jesus, who walked through valleys, deserts, mountains giving testimony of his justice, of his good will, rescuing sheep from his flock and making known to the world the true paths to be worthy of your attention.

There are those who think that in order to claim ourselves in Christ it is necessary to suffer, to live the most cruel stage of suffering that Jesus endures at the time of his death. I believe that throughout life to death, the human being passes through representative stages to the suffering of Jesus such as pain, grief, sadness, disappointment, loss. Jesus also lived moments of pleasure, joy, companionship, love, beatitudes; we also live it daily. The difference consists in knowing how to take the right direction, even if it is narrow the way we must subject ourselves to Christian principles and values. In the opposite case the path is wider, full of worldly pleasures, which leads to perdition.


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