Presentation to steemchurch musical

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Good day steemchurch parishioners , hope are doing fine, all thanks to our The Legend of blockchain @sirknight our founding father who has made steemchurch a blessing to all.

I was be doing a special presentation to steemchurch Musical, for steemchurch music weekly concert thank to our steemchurch music leader @iksilva, a really great man
And for this wonderful opportunity to showcase our talents to the church

I will be doing a simple song titled "You waited" by Travis Greene. Please listen and by blessed .

You came out of your way
You sat down to speak to me
What amazing grace
That you've shown - so patiently

And you, waited for me
Just for me
For me

You called out my name
Knew my past
Covered my shame
This amazing grace
You've shown - so patiently

And You, you waited for me
Just for me, Oh
You, you waited for me
Just for me, for me

Where would I be
If you left me God

You waited

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Thanks for blessing us weekly with your wonderful melodies that glads the heart. You are indeed really talented Thank for your presentation



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Wow, what an amazing vioce. Indeed steemchurch is blessed with difderent talents. I am so happy that God is using steemchurch as an instrument in making axtualizing the dreams of youth today.
@steemchurch is happy to hear from you.
Great voice and we need more feom this.
Thanks for sharing.