What kind of perfume do you think you are?

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For to God we are a pleasant smell of Christ in those who are saved... 2 Corinthians 2:15

In his perfect creativity God our one wonderful creator gave us the gift of sense of smell to enjoy the wonderful fragrances of life. There are many aromas that are extremely pleasant according to the taste of each human being, the smell of rain, the aroma of some products like some baby lotion; the delicious aroma of our favorite food.

Therefore, it is to be marvelous when the Apostle Paul teaches that our actions of love are like a fragrant smell, iaccept sacrifice, pleasing to God Philippians 4:18. When we think of helping those in need, we consider it a correct action; even, as something that Christ our savior would do. However, Paul affirms that our intentional acts of supplying someone's needs permeate the throne of God with a fragrance that He likes.

Then Mary took a pound of pure, much-priced nardo perfume, and anointed Jesus' feet, and rinsed them with her hair; and the house was filled with the smell of perfume. John 12:3.

We can honor God our creator with the fragrances of being a blessing to our neighbors. This motivates and drives us to act every day in a better way that makes our actions like a pleasant fragrance that comes the presence of the Father.

In this world so full of evil, wrapped never miss the opportunity or joy that your life reflects god's grace and love of God, Be a blessing. It's a fragrant work!

... For this is good and pleasing before God our Savior Timothy 2:3.

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We are a perfume with a pleasant smell for God, that is really our essence, every gesture, every adoration that we give to our God must be from the deepest of our mind, and our heart.

Apostle D.U

Thanks to this we receive the divine love of our lord and only creator

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