We've all said before: I'm tired!

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Be insecure and undecided CANSA. Make a final decision, go to God and ask Him, you will surely have the right answer to What to do? do not hesitate, for you will end up tired.

Our bodies can be exhausted every day; work, household chores and daily routine leave us without strength. But another strong exhaustion is the emotional one; situations where we experience strong emotions, especially those that afflict us, can exhaust and wear us out, physically, mentally and spiritually.

The main factor that comes to exhaust our forces is the mind; we tend to think more about situations of problems, needs, afflictions and at the end of the day we feel that "We can no longer"

Then another influential element is that we do NOT carry out our tasks and responsibilities with pleasure, we see our jobs as a burden, a burden that we must carry.

And finally, even if you don't think about it thinking only of yourself, it exhausts you a lot before you can create an idea that will help you solve something eventual in your life. If you have experienced it you can confirm what you are about to read; but when we meet someone who is in an emerging situation, we draw strength from anywhere and are even able to generate solutions to solve.

Tiredness is overcome by being convinced that in God are our strengths: But those who wait for the Lord shall have new strength; they will raise wings like eagles; they will run, and they will not tire; they will walk, and they will not be fatigued. Isaiah 40:31

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