I only recognize you, my God and savior

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God is for all, no matter what religion we belong to. To Him we are all equal and love each of us infinitely without distinction. We always correspond to that wonderful love by talking about God where we are. God made the whole world and the universe for us. With his infinite love He believes everything and us too. Let us thank him every day of our lives for all that he has given us and will give us throughout our lives.

You don't have to go anywhere special or belong to a specific religion to know God. He can be inside you and stay in your heart forever, just let him in and you'll never be alone again. Close your eyes and accept it, it will totally change your life

You want to know how much God loves you? It is very easy to know, its love is infinite, you just have to see everything around you. Only someone who loves you infinitely could create so much beauty just for you, only someone who loves you to infinity could be so kind of to put so much variety of food on Earth just for you, only someone who loves you infinitely would be able to deliver to s or only child to death to save you. God's love is wonderful, keep it in mind throughout your life and you will be blessed for an eternity.


God knows the name of each of us, knows everything about our lives, and loves each of us equally and infinitely. He is not in heaven, he is here, with us, he lives in our hearts. Always keep your body and soul clean because it is your temple, God lives in it and I don't think you want to receive it in a dirty heart. He deserves our best attention because He has that and much more with us always

God believes everything perfectly. He is the only one who has no mistakes in what he does, so we can say that we are perfect, not only because we are his creation, but because he made us in his image and likeness. So let us behave as perfect beings, beings of God, and follow the teachings he left us in the Bible and through his Son Jesus

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