Be recorded in prayer and you will be rewarded

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How difficult it is for us to be consistent in prayer. Every time we are ready to be able to talk to God something happens, it seems that everything consorts and problems multiply so that we can not at last do it. If we say we have a few minutes of prayer every morning, we fall asleep, and we're running late for work or school.

If we say do it at night, we are so exhausted and the sleep seems to end up beating us and we fall asleep or maybe we arrive at the agreed time. There is a being interested in the believer not achieving his goal.

He is someone who knows that prayer is a source of power for the Christian, for at the moment when we are willing and determined to pour out our souls and open our hearts and our cry to the good Father who is always willing to listen to us, we are we transform into powerful children of God.

That someone is Satan, and when you are in trouble, he is the one who tries to forget to pray and makes you act without regard to God, for when you stop praying and act without the Lord's guidance, you will surely be wrong.

He is the liar, the deceiver, he tells you "you can alone, go on" How much sadness we would save ourselves, if we remembered to pray before we act. Jesus left us the example of a life of prayer. Things happen when the believer prays. Prayer binds us to the Almighty Father and moves heavenly actions. That's why there's a big fight for us not to pray.

Many people approach God's servants, that they may pray for them. The phrase is: "Pastor pray for me". Every believer who lives in obedience to God can pray to God and see the results. Some people say, why gold and gold but God doesn't answer me? God answers always, with yes, with no and with waiting.


But what matters is what 1 John 3:22 says,
and whatever we ask will be received from him, for we keep his commandments, and we do the things that are pleasing before him.

These are the two rules for God, it is very important that we keep His Word, that we be obedient to Him and do what God wants and not what we want.

Lord help us to have a spirit of permanent prayer.

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