10 Wonderful Keys to Happiness

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It's in our hands to reach it. It's up to us to have the courage and courage to do it



The discoveries that science makes every day with a lot of effort help us to live much better. Researchers have invested about 70 years or more in studying happy and non-happy people, and apparently believe they have discovered the factor or factors that in one way or another determines this condition in humans. Next I will present in a series of 10 posts the main keys that are at least created by studies are the reason for it. Some specialists who are experts in the field reportedly hold genes accountable for 50% of the temperament, and the rest is determined by other factors.

1- Wealth

Well it is true the saying that money does not give happiness, but it leaves you close

Money brings a grain of sand to happiness to just to a certain extent, but when you have your own roof to live your and yours, clothes to wear and food is no longer relevant. Certain scientific observations determine that the more purchasing power an individual has, he is certainly more likely to feel good about himself; That is, he feels happy; However, the Money-Happiness formula is more complex. In the course of these last 5 decades, it has had a feeling in which are the industrialized countries, quite the opposite with the levels of happiness in the people who make up these certain societies. It gives the impression that when you manage to fully cover all your basic needs, you tend to want more and be even more demanding in terms of the increase in your standard of living and you are only happier and you feel more satisfaction if you have more purchasing power than others to you Around.

However, let us not forget that giving in proportion to what is also received is an essential part for many to feel good about themselves, taking into account that giving without waiting to receive anything in return is the most important thing to give happiness to those who need it most , because it is not only about one's happiness, but about knowing how to give happiness to others and so know that you are a fundamental part in terms of the happiness of others.

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