Lacking God

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Every man has his inner needs. Every man needs to be provided and filled. Within every man there is a void, which was placed by God, for man to feel his fault. This emptiness is the size of eternity (Eq 3:11). Therefore, man seeks endlessly out. The eternal need in your heart, generates a gigantic lack. Man is lacking, devoid of God, but focuses his attention on many things alien to Him.

The Bible is the "manufacturing manual" of man. It contains all the information of that "product" and also its creator. We see through the Bible that within man there is something called spirit, which was what God breathed into his nostrils when he created it (Gen 2: 7) and that that same spirit, which is part of God himself, makes us wise ( Job 32: 8). This shows us that we were created by God and for God, and our only function is to be of Him. We are like a glove, which can be filled by many things, but will only have its real function when it is filled by a hand. In the same way, sometimes, sometimes many things are fulfilled, but we will only be full when it is filled by God himself.

But why does man always feel so lacking? Because the "man of emptiness is the size of God." Speaking of a human perspective, several psychologists and students of the mind agree that man has an incessant vacuum within himself and that, therefore, constantly seeks to satisfy himself. There enters the need for coexistence in society. Émile Durkheim, renowned scholar in this area shows in his theories that not all human behavior is a social attitude and become man in fact, social interaction is necessary, otherwise, man remains an irrational animal. That is to say, man needs contact with others in order to become human and fill his emptiness.

What the Bible shows about this is that when it was created, man had communion with God every day (Gen. 3: 8), God was his provision, his security, his peace. But after sin man sought to create for himself his own security, provision and joy (Gen. 4: 20-22). In that picture, we see man trying more and more to seek joy to be filled, because what actually completed him, was no longer with him because of his sins (Is 59: 2).

Today, it is very common for people looking for joy, pleasure, safety and satisfaction in drinks, bingeing, money, houses "super-safe", but forget that all this, in fact , only found in God 's presence. Nowadays it is very common to find people who are lacking, especially young people. It is not uncommon to see young people who cut themselves, move away from the people closest to them, change their way of being. And if we ask why, in most of the time they do not even know how to explain.

But then I ask him: "How many times have you felt devoid of God?" How many times have I and you already stopped to do a spiritual check? How many times do we go back to the "divine dealership" to calibrate ourselves? How many times do we return to our Jeweler for maintenance? A car, a jewel or any other object needs maintenance and gives signs of it. The sign that man needs maintenance is his lack.

When you feel lacking do not try to look immediately, or just another person, because she is just another defective piece just like you. Look for your manufacturer, look for God and He will know how to fix it. He created you and saw you in your mother's womb (Jeremiah 1: 5). Invoke, pray, cry, seek Him and you will certainly be heard (Mt 7: 7-8).

Do this quick prayer: "Lord, I recognize that I am a sinner and that I am the target of his great mercy and grace, I come to the Lord because I am lacking, lacking in the Lord, for many times I have tried to fill myself with many things, but I am still empty, for only the Lord is able to fill me, I pray, Lord, saturate me, fill me with Your rich Life, I need the Lord, Oh Lord Jesus, Oh Lord Jesus, I love you, Lord, come and fill me. Jesus! Oh Lord Jesus! "

Now, remember each time you feel lonely and empty that you have a name to call, and you have a place to go and be filled: the presence of God. Eliminate your need, go kill the desire of your creator, because only your presence can fill the eternal need that exists within you. Jesus is the lord!

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It is difficult to sustain a life where the priority is not God. Stress, anxiety, pain and failures will take hold of us in such a way that sometimes we will not have the desire to live, but when we understand that this life is temporary and that there is no "tribulation, anguish. or anything that can separate us from the love of Christ, "we have victory in Jesus, and He makes paths of peace and tranquility, where there are none.
Thanks for sharing @syramma

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Good contribution @steemchurch, very much thanks you

The strength of the every Christian lies on his or her ability to pray effectively. Prayer is our weapon to break free from obstacles. Thank you @syramma


Thanks you brother @Oppongk . God bless you.